Old Smile – Too Late – Audio

The US trippy-rock project Old Smile released the three track single Falling Feeling yesterday.

Old Smile - Too Late

Old Smile

There is something of – the far distance – in the tracks on Falling Feeling (available on bandcamp) which appears to be standing far apart from the present consciousness of the listener, almost as-though an hallucinogenic in its own right rather than merely a descriptive.

The opener is – Too Late.

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Old Smile – Changing Moods – Audio

Old Smile is the trippy-rock project of Tom Herman from the USA.

Old Smile

Old Smile

I always find myself tempted to sit down to a pot of mushroom tea after listening to the music of Old Smile, by which time it is too late, hence I pass on my experience – brew the pot before hitting play and allow the synapses to snap abstract connections through the brain.

The most recent reveal to surface being the two track single Two For Winter (which is available on bandcamp). My selection being the instrumental B side Changing Moods.

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