Jason Waterfalls – Oceans – Video

The indie-dance quartet, from The Netherlands, Jason Waterfalls – released the single Oceans on the 27th of September.

Jason Waterfalls

Jason Waterfalls

Whilst Oceans is predominately a lightly textured composition Jason Waterfalls are able to fray the hemlines with inflections of scrawling rock allowing the song to hold the interest, of those of us who like their music to be a more scuffed DMs than polished slip-ons, alongside those after a more user-friendly experience.


Oceans – Single – Jason Waterfalls is available on iTunes.*

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The Lab – Oceans – Single Review

The Lab is a new Canadian haunting-electronica duo.

The Lab

The Lab

Word does arrive of an EP which is due for release around the end of the month, however, at present there is only one song to hear – Oceans.

Immediately on hitting play the listener finds themselves pondering are there only two players rather than a complete orchestra?

The sorrowful orchestration circles through the room in an alchemic synthesis of horns, kettledrum, organ, bows and strings which paint a celestial soundscape through which the voice, as though gliding on thermals, provides effortless broad pitch – leaving the audience spellbound by the mesmerising, quietly flowing, composition.

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I’m Not A Band – Colours – Video

I’m Not A Band the German indie-synth duo released the LP Oceans on the 30th of January.

I'm Not A Band - Oceans - artwork

I’m Not A Band – Oceans – artwork

Track five of the thirteen is Colours.

Oceans – I’m Not A Band is available on iTunes.*

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