Ocean Of Noise – Zwid – Video

The Polish dreamsequence project Ocean Of Noise last featured a couple of years ago.

Ocean Of Noise - Zwid

Ocean Of Noise

The newest track to surface, Zwid, is, if anything, of even more REM sleep counterpane as the quietly rotating music gently undulates through the room encroaching in to the mind and inviting the listener far off in to quiet repose.

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Ocean Of Noise – Heartbeats – Video

The Polish dreamsequence project Ocean Of Noise release the LP Still In A Dream on the 28th.

Ocean Of Noise - Heartbeats

Ocean Of Noise

From the six track album, which has a different feel to it to their last LP with only the voice of Magdalena Noweta featuring, rather than the five singers on their eponymous release – Heartbeats.

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Ocean Of Noise – June – Video

Ocean Of Noise from Poland released their eponymous nine track LP last year.

Ocean Of Noise

Ocean Of Noise

A new video for a live performance of track three on the release, June, has recently been made available.


Ocean of Noise – Ocean of Noise is available on iTunes*.

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