Toni – Kiss Me – Audio

Toni is an English nu-soul creator.



Combinations of electronica and instrumentation are circled by an expressive RnB influenced vocal allowing Toni to create music of impressive range.

From the latest LP, which travels through ambient background to spiky jazz, AESTHETICS – the eleventh of the fourteen tracks – the soul rooted – Kiss Me.

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Freaks Of The Sea – Hypocrite – Single Review

Freaks Of The Sea is a sardonic-pop duo from the USA.

Freaks Of The Sea

Freaks Of The Sea

Within the past ten hours their latest track has surfaced, the sardonically named Hypocrite, which finds a lyrical barrage railing against the ‘pop’. A song that can’t but help raise a smile for the assuredness and deftness of foot in taking a step outside their own boundaries to use those ‘four chords’ and deliver a track that is as ‘capable’ as anything in the mainstream, whilst simultaneously tearing holes in itself for its own absurdity.

In due course I will return to Freaks Of The Sea when they resolve to their more natural territory of luxurious nu-soul.


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