Skorched – Bury You Breathing – Single Review

The Australian nu-metal sextet Skorched release the single Bury You Breathing on the 27th.

Skorched - photo by Rowan Donohue

Skorched – photo by Rowan Donohue

Sometimes you contemplate the numbers of players in a band and think, that seems about right, other times you think – oh, dear that’s going to be messy – often only to be surprised.

Skorched are a case in point – with seemingly one too many members in the band for the melodic, yet energetic, constructs of nu metal – far from it as the sextet utilise the members of the band all to blend in to one organic being akin to Scylla, with each constituent element being and intrinsic and essential.

Starting slowly back in 2015 the past year has seen an exponential development in live performance schedules along with releases and Bury You Breathing can only help raise their profile further.

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Rosen – Reverie – Video

The English nu-metal quintet Rosen will be releasing their eponymous EP on the 27th of July.

Rosen - Reverie


Their singular blending of hip-hop, metal and indie-rock enable Rosen to create tracks which stand out for their points of difference.

The most recent song to be revealed from the forthcoming release – Reverie – being a fine example.

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Walking Rumor – Dedicate To This – Video

The Danish nu-metal quintet Walking Rumor released their latest single recently.

Walking Rumor - Dedicate To This - artwork

Walking Rumor – Dedicate To This – artwork

Dedicate To This encapsulates the frustrations felt by so many around the world that their needs are not being served and their voice is not being heard.

There is no need to add anymore – the lyric video explains everything.

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