Skinny Is Green – Sixteen – Video

The US nu-disco duo Skinny Is Green are planning to release the LP Look In Through Me on the 29th of April.

Skinny Is Green - Sixteen

Skinny Is Green

Much changed from when last featured in 2016, Skinny In Green still, as to be expected, has the original creator of the project Rav Sitaula the new player on bass is Punit Ojha and the sound has commensurately shifted from electro-rock to synth laden dance.

The first song, from the forthcoming album (which is still seeking financial backing), is Sixteen that not only invites the listener on to the dance-floor, but also, has a more serious message of the damage of bullying – underpinning the track.

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HERR ALT – Monologue – Single Review

The Netherlands nu-disco project HERR ALT released the single Monologue on the 14th.

HERR ALT - photo credit - Robert Van Der Eng

HERR ALT – photo credit – Robert Van Der Eng

There is a snaking beat which slithers out of the speakers and in to the room, which like a Cobra sizing up prey, sways from side to side before suddenly disappearing through the carpet to reappear in a different corner with unblinking staring eyes – yet rather than becoming concerned the listener finds themselves flexing the neck, shoulders, hips and knees and swaying in similar hypnotic action with equally fixed gaze.

The combinations of electronica, instrumentation and vocal, which is the staple of HERR ALT, has a counter-intuitive organic flow in to which the audience fuses their own central nervous system.

Monologue – Single – HERR ALT is available on iTunes.*

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CEEM – I Can’t Get Enough – Single Review

CEEM is a nu-disco creator from the USA.



The audience, on hitting play, on the latest release I Can’t Get Enough, which is available on bandcamp, is immediately minded of King Catcher with its introspective coiling that only reluctantly emerges from the speakers, prior to slithering across the floor in ever greater impressive soundscape which invites the audience to accompany the fluid flow of the music.

I am always drawn, in my imagination to a hungry boa-constrictor on hearing nu-disco, as from its timidness and fragility in surfacing from the shadows develops a munificence of enticing beauty which finally resolves to satiate its needs and recedes as a stocky well fed brute, disporting, of immense strength.


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Park Planet – Through – Single Review

The Scottish nu-disco outfit Park Planet revealed a new track within the past twenty hours.

Park Planet - Through

Park Planet

Through is a further track to be released which is sign-posted as coming from the tale of the long projected second album, with the working title Rebel, Rebel.

The song has a more electronic and jazz influenced layering than much of their material that has featured over the years, with instrumentation playing a backdrop with a draw that minds of Ashley Reaks though of divergent process in which Park Planet take the listener on a trippy-step around the dance-floor in its just under four and a quarter minutes duration rather than a bleak journey of disquiet.

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Park Planet – We Can’t Stop You – Audio

The Scottish nu-disco trio Park Planet are still working towards the release of the LP Rebel Rebel.

Park Planet - We Can't Stop You

Park Planet

Given the history of my relationship with Park Planet since 2012, I can safely say they keep a diary as poorly as I. The most recent email to which I responded, just a few moments ago was one from April 2015. But none of that matters as creating music is what they are good at doing and most recently to surface was the track We Can’t Stop You.

In theory the LP Rebel Rebel will be released this year, however even they are doubtful of this idea and although this is stated as the second track track to be revealed from the LP, which may well have changed its name by the time of its arrival, do bear in mind this is in principal the third track from the album I have featured that reference to it – with the first indication of the new LP  and the track – Dropping It – having been introduced back in 2015. Which makes their conundrums all the more a pleasure.

My advice however is to always enjoy new tracks as they arise, as they are always worth holding close the the chest.

To rewrite that introductory paragraph again – We Can’t Stop You – which may on may not be an on LP, that may not ever be released, that may or may not end up being called Rebel Rebel. Turn down all other noises and immerse yourself in the just over three and a half minutes of hip snaking music.

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