Plastic Flowers

Plastic Flowers, originally from Greece, now based in London, England, is the shoeshuffle-gaze duo of G and Anjel.

Plastic Flowers - shoeshuffle-gaze based in England

Plastic Flowers

Simply laid out blocks of tempo are interlaced with ever expanding waves of sound as Plastic Flowers deliver echoes which spiral around the speakers prior to drifting expansively around the room. There is an immediate appeal to the tranquil material that eases its way into the ears.

The duo do not seek to turn upside down the metronome, as an ever present pace pulses, what Plastic Flowers is able to do, is fill those spaces with expansive layers of texture as electronics and instrumentation gently wash against each other before falling away akin to ripples meeting in an otherwise still pond.

Despite having established a established a foothold in the UK, Plastic Flowers retain a cohesion with their home-country, drawing reference material with a Mediterranean feel, that coalesces with icy blasts from North Atlantic streams.

Plastic Flowers is able to provide the listener with a broad brush of lapping sounds that has the potential to resonate not just across both Northern and Southern Europe, but far wider globally.

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