Band of the Month – November 2016 – Readers’ Choice

My thanks to you as a reader of the website for not making this an echo chamber of my own voice as without you there is no website to write.

Still Eighteen - Band Of The Month November 2016

Still Eighteen

This month has been particularly close in the selection for Readers’ Choice for band of the month. A variety of algorithms are used which all go in to one equation and it has been nip and tuck through-out the period. The Band of the Month for November has only been finalised within a quarter of an hour before this publication and the selection being identified, with two entities slugging it out to the last moment, some months it is evident a few days in advance.

Based in The Dominican Republic – Still Eighteen is the Readers’ Choice for Novembers’ Band Of The Month.

From the EP Bullets To Dust (available on bandcamp) – Pretty Thing.

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Band Of The Month – November 2016 – Editors’ Choice

Once again my thanks go to all the music creators around the world and please keep on making the world a better place through your endeavours.

Хартыга (Hartyga) - band of the month November 2016

Хартыга (Hartyga)

With only limited time only a few of the bands who make contact are ever featured, do rest assured music is far from a dying concept and it is a delight to be able to showcase some of the best emerging musicians from around the globe. The Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month for November 2016 is the Russian band Хартыга (Hartyga).

From the LP Агитатор (Agitator) a live version of Кокей – Ноян (Kokey – Noran)

Agitator (feat. Albert Kuvezin) – Hartyga is available on iTunes.*

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