Climb The Attic – Not Mine – Audio

The English heavy-metal quartet Climb The Attic released the EP Another Day In Paradise on the 7th.

Climb The Attic

Climb The Attic

A stoner soaked bass guitar trudges through the room around which the percussion and the two six strings guitars, alike, wrestle to escape the tether like a feisty dog trying to slip a leash, whilst the expansive vocal calmly surveys the battle-zone.

Far from the end result being a harrowing blood-curdling wasteland it is the fact that the bass stands at such an anchor point of steadfast resilience that the music is able to display its musculature framework without disappearing in to a well of darkness.

Best heard with volume switched up loudly and space in which to flail – as an introduction the first of the four tracks is Not Mine.


Another Day in Paradise – EP – Climb the Attic is available on iTunes.*

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