Northwest – Same Old Sky – Video

The England based melancholic-wave duo Northwest are finalising details of an LP due for release in January 2018.

Northwest - Same Old Sky - artwork

Northwest – Same Old Sky – artwork

A duo first featured in 2015 who on each appearance proffer a new dimension of travel.

Same Old Sky, the latest track to surface from the forthcoming album, available as a stand alone single on bandcamp, is a piano lead composition, which additionally, introduces Elvira Hernández on cello and Alberto Madrid on double bass, along with, disparate orchestral instrumentation, including an opening organ, is: A song that drifts billowing clouds imperiously in multi-layered suffused translucency; whilst the gossamery vocal weaves threaded silk through the room.

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Northwest – Dimaryp – Video

The England based dark-synth duo Northwest are currently working on an LP due for imminent release.

Northwest - Dimaryp


Recently returned from a tour in Italy, currently playing in the UK to be followed by a European tour later in the year they also find time to step in to the studio from time to time.

Akin to the reversal of the word Dimaryp, taken from the forthcoming album, minds of Pyramide du Louvre with changes of light and viewing angle altering the apparent shape and texture, with  the track finding the listener discovering more complexity and nuances the longer they remain.

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Northwest – Wind – Single Review

The English melancholic-romance project Northwest have become a staple diet since their introduction in December of last year.

Northwest - Wind


The latest single to surface which was released a few hours ago – Wind, has a slightly different texture running through it than material previously featured as Northwest introduce a more haunted sense to the composition with the lead instrument of piano. The enchanting nature of piano can be used to provide drama or melancholic chords and in the case of Northwest, it comes as little surprise that the keys are deployed to express the eerie eddies of the track.

The slowly swirling echoes of electronics drift around the room as the enchanting vocal fluxes across the ears and the collage of bowed and string instrument add to the ethereal five minute flow of the sound of Wind.

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Northwest – Look at Me – Single Review

The English melancholic-romance project Northwest released the two track single Look At Me on the 14th.

Northwest - Look At Me


Voluminous echoing open chambers open up to the listener as Northwest deliver in Look At Me an ethereal expansiveness. The scattered sounds are illuminated by their sparsity and the listener is left with a sense of isolation as the spaces create a void into which the mind finds itself drawn.

Very different to previous material featured Look At Me has an untouchable, intangible, intrigue that finds the replay button being hit immediately the track completes its journey into the unknown.

The slowly developing electronics which thread their way through the track that disappear as they quietly appear, gives Look At Me its sense of mystery allowing the listeners mind to drift into its own course of imagination, as the stunning vocal cuts angular slices into the slowly striding synths.

The B side is an extended instrumental version of Look At Me.

Look at Me – Single – Northwest is available on iTunes.*

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Northwest – Reflection – Single Review

Northwest is the relatively newly formed melancholic-romance project based in England who released their début single Reflection on the 1st.

Northwest - Reflection - artwork

Northwest – Reflection – artwork

Filter all extraneous sound and light before hitting play to allow the mind to sink into the voluptuous seduction of the honey-sweet vocal temptation winding through evocative cello and mellifluous keys, as Reflection, akin to a Sirens call, draws senses of longing into the tale of love unrequited.

The stark contrasts of the loving caresses, proffered by the gently holding instrumentation, against the backdrop of delusional lyrical longing allows Northwest to deliver a début single, in Reflection, that has the listener tying their own chains on cellar walls in supplication of more music to hear as-though a subservient pleading for domination.

I look forward to discovering more of the lugubrious exhortations of Northwest in short order.


Reflection – Single – Northwest is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.