John Lemke – To Let It Go – Video

John Lemke is a Scottish ambient-mirage creator.

John Lemke - Nomad Frequencies - artwork

John Lemke – Nomad Frequencies – artwork

Inspired by a year of personal and global upheaval John Lemke found the elements to write the appropriately named LP Nomad Frequencies, which was released in September.

The eighth of the ten tracks – Let It Go, reflects on the ability to catch faint glimmers of light when all around appears forlorn in a track that undergoes a transition from a feeling of resigned abandonment to discovering vague hand-holds of purchase during the just under six minutes duration.

The electronics and subtle, signature, piano eerily scope out the room as though testing the mettle of the listener before melting into the marrow of the bones, creating a feeling of isolated pragmatism and leaving a sense of hope.

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