Einar Vilberg – Something To Lean On – Audio

The Icelandic rock creator Einar Vilberg is finalising details for his début solo LP.

Einar Vilberg

Einar Vilberg

Within the past few hours Something To Lean On was made available.

Established as the vocalist for Noise; as a solo artist Einar is able to explore a heavier rock sound which is delivered through the just over three minutes of Something To Lean On with a deft finesse and the listener can remain blissfully unconcerned that it is one player performing the four parts.


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Noise – Dark Days – Audio

The Icelandic prog-rock quartet Noise release the LP Echoes – digitally – imminently.

Noise - Echoes - Vinyl

Noise – Echoes – Vinyl

The just over thirty five minute eight track album, whilst smartly suited and booted doesn’t require White tie to enjoy, as inside the formality lays an intrigue of conceptual rock.

The first track on the LP Dark Days is a fair statement of intent as melodies are struck blows to the side which gives the composition a sense of ever teetering on the edge of off-balance and it is this journey of hacked symphonic orchestration which gives Noise their interest. Acoustic guitar, violins and piano are buffeted by rugged vocal which is buttressed by expressive percussion.


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Ratrace – Noise – Audio

Ratrace is a Greek gaze-rock band.



Due to soon release their début LP – Ratrace is a band I look forward to hearing much more of during the course of the year.

Noise is a brooding menace of just over four minutes of shadowy oppression that coats the walls in splashes of red paint as the echoing hazy guitar creates a the heavy atmosphere. The bass and percussion drill away in the background as the haunting vocal drips into the mind.

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