Based in San Francisco, California, in the USA is the alt-rock quintet of Chase AnthonyJesse OlswangEric AlonzoScott Franklin and Jason Adams also known as Buzzmutt.

Buzzmutt - alt-rock from the USA


I thought my desk was breaking, then I realized it was in fact Buzzmutt with their grotesque-rock that sears into the mind with some considerable force. Refractive instrumentation and vocal fused with distorted electronics allow the quintet to discombobulate the audience as they deliver a sound that scrapes like a grater across the brain.

Buzzmutt have the ability to make the uncomfortable seem to be the right place to be and once you have threaded into the mindset it is a bit like PiL – absolutely as it needs to be and the longer you tarry the more there is to enjoy. Three years behind them; The quintet have a decent catalogue of material, each individual track breaking open a new can of worms to explore and rumour has it that there is a new LP scheduled for later this year.

To select any one track as representative of the sound is a bit like dipping in to a tombola and selecting a ticket – each has a similarity of concept, but each uniquely spaced. Given the number of individual songs they have in their repertoire (recorded material is available on bandcamp) these are undoubtedly immensely creative song-writers who almost certainly have far more to add to the world of music and I look forward to hearing the next thought process transferred to sound.


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