Oh, The Guilt – Darkest Days – Single Review

The noir-rock trio of Elijah DahlHannah Layhe and Chris Nicholls from Bristol (England) – Oh, The Guilt – released the single Darkest Days today.

Oh, The Guilt

Oh, The Guilt

Following on from their 2016 eponymous EP (available on bandcamp) Darkest Days (also available on bandcamp) while holding similar brooding presence in its slowly rotating dark gothic demeanour is simultaneously able to catch the sense of isolation and introspective melancholia felt when life goes badly wrong while equally offering outstretched arms extending a comforting and sympathetic embrace of companionship.

A song which, in my view, lifts their music in to an altogether higher plane of performance as the absorbing bass, muffled percussion and dreamy guitar are woven with the hypnotic and otherworldly vocal, giving the song a mesmeric allure – there are few better ways in which to spend the seven and just over three quarters minutes of Darkest Days – I merely implore of Oh, The Guilt that it is long before 2020 that they return with new music.

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Anna von Hausswolff – Ugly And Vengeful – Audio

The Swedish noir-rock project Anna von Hausswolff released the EP Dead Magic on the 2nd.

Anna von Hausswolff - photo by Anders Nydam

Anna von Hausswolff – photo by Anders Nydam

The roughly forty six minutes, five track EP (available on bandcamp), has the sense of casting a foreboding incantation over the listener through its duration, though far from afearing of the future the mid relaxes and finds cohesion in the dark spiraling architecture of the compositions as the incant and rattle through the ears, thereby making the longest song on the release, at sixteen minutes and seventeen seconds, Ugly And Vengeful, the third on Dead Magic my pick of the EP, as it both rests the bones and prods the nerves through its journey.


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