No Wave – I Can’t Afford You – Audio

The US sultry-wave duo No Wave released the three track single Fade Away on the 28th of August.

No Wave

No Wave

This is music to play in embrace with a partner on the dance-floor in slow footstep whilst exchanging warm breaths as the combining spirals of percussive synths, guitars and evocative vocals teases the earlobes as the foreplay to a long session of unhurried entangled limbs and loins resulting in ecstatic mutual pleasure.

The middle song is (not that you will necessarily be minded of which of the three it is if your partner and you are already in the moment) the beguilingly self-doubting I Can’t Afford You.

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Eve Bates (Accordion / Synth / Vocals), Ellen LaVeyra (Drums / Vocals) and Zane Van Dusen (Bass / Guitar / Vocals) from Brooklyn in the USA combine to form the no-wave band Mindtroll.

Mindtroll - no-wave from the USA


The best way to approach Mindtroll is to suspend all preconceptions and be prepared for a journey that will have you: Smiling; dancing; clapping and sometimes totally bemused, but ever intrigued. With material dating back a few years they have become supremely confident in laying out their ideas, which are always different and given there is an extensive track list in the catalogue is some mean feat and as importantly it is evident they are enjoying what they are doing.

The music skips around the room as-though a skimming stone bouncing across water and always sounding on the verge of fragmenting into smithereens like a broken glass. Mindtroll deliver music which does exactly as suggested by the band name with intense conversations being interjected by abstract flights of fancy and the whole thread of thought is thrown into confusion unsure whether to react to the interloper or ignore it completely. The disparity of completely unrelated instrumentation adds to this sense of hiatus, the one constant being a drum on tight skins which gives the material its infectious irresistible impressionability on the mind.

These are a group of talented musicians who are able to take the audience on their flights of fancy and rather than the passengers asking be let off the buffeting ride, request a journey extension.

From their latest LP – So Many Boyfriends which was recorded on an 8 track portable recorder as moment took fancy, warts and all, (available on bandcamp) Your Party Is OK –  which is not ‘representative’ of their music as there is no such thing.


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