Surfacing, ironically, from Providence in the USA is the new-romantics trio of Derek Knox (Guitar / Keys / Vocals), Anna Wingfield (Drums) and Nick Sadler (Bass) who form WAY OUT.

WAY OUT - new-romantics from the USA


Unlike the prissy sounding name of their homestead –  WAY OUT, as their name suggests, are a band to take with you on a night of debauchery as they stretch their loins for all to enjoy. Minding of British synth bands of the early ’80s with a dip of the quill towards the burlesque underground clubs of the same era in Berlin, Germany, the trio do more than sound like a retrospective reflection of that which preceded thirty odd years ago – rather a unit to take today to a party of intertwining oiled bodies.

With very little to hear despite a concept dating back to 2012, there is only a sadness that there is so little to share with you as it was only in early 2015 that the core of the kernel came together and like all good vines time is needed for growth.

The music resonates of the deepest repressed desires of the mind which they bring to light with profferings of a virtual-space sex-box as they implicitly triage the audience from those of vanilla taste to those to allow into the dungeon.

The dank canvass of vocal pastes a candle-lit entrance to the cellar of sado-masochism as the flickering guitar lashes the visitor with urging welts and the bass ties the limbs whilst the percussion – like a dominatrix – treatises of pleasures to come.

The only recorded material available is the WAY OUT eponymous four track EP from last year (available on bandcamp) from which I have selected No Release as a taster.

My one wish – there was more with which to be toyed.

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