Dead Man’s Eyes

Dead Man’s Eyes from Köln in Germany is the psychedelic rock quintet of Peter Engel (Guitar / Vocals), Simon Reichelt (Guitar), Simon Mead (Bass / Vocals), Robin Hertner (Drums) and Nima Davari (Slide guitar / 12-string).

Dead Man's Eyes - Photo by Andre Kempff

Dead Man’s Eyes – Photo by Andre Kempff

While flecking the room with splashes of tie-dye Dead Man’s Eye do not slope off into a wandering osmosis, rather base the out-put on driving rock tones, which rattle around the room in triumphant procession. The spice to the sound is the intonations of psychedelia, which enables the band to add stretches and dimensions to the tracks, without ever becoming lost inside a maze of confusion.

The spread of stringed instruments, affording the music an Indian sub-continent Tradition inflection, allows Dead Man’s Eyes to take the listener of wide ranging paths of storytelling without ever straying too far off the path as the ever present percussion beats out a steadying course, whilst the vocal, which is imbued with echoes adds a heady toxicity to the mix.

I particularly enjoy how Dead Man’s Eyes is able to create sounds which proffer eddies for the ears to investigate, whilst maintaining a clear direction for the journey.

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Regular readers will recognise the name Nima Davari as a member of Super Hard Boys.

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Super Hard Boys

Super Hard Boys from Köln in Germany is the alt-rock quartet of Nima DavariArkadius KilaThomas Pischke and Frank Heßeler.

Super Hard Boys - alt-rock from Germany - logo by - Kiryk Drewinski

Super Hard Boys – Logo by Kiryk Drewinski

Super Hard Boys ply hammering bass into the ears, whilst a sharply driven percussion fixes the nails in position for axe wielded guitars to deploy their force, whilst an otherworldly vocal shimmers around the room. These are an uncompromising quartet I implore you to get to know better.

The solid wall of Super Hard Boys ploughs through the room in a menacing force majeure which sublimates all before it and you will find yourself checking that the foundations of the building are not liquefied as the unremitting pulsating sound that marks out the band continue to pour forth. This is with no doubt music to turn as loud as you are able to squeeze from your amps and your ears will start to throb with anxiety, whilst your brain pulses with the sounds.

To be found playing locally I would hope that their recent eponymous début fourteen track release of recordings from 2012 will find Super Hard Boys greater exposure.


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