The Exploding Boy

The Exploding Boy an alt-indie rock band from Stockholm in Sweden is Johan (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar), Stefan (Vocals / Electric Guitar), Les (Lead Guitar) and Nick (Keyboards).

The Exploding Boy - alt indie from Sweden

The Exploding Boy

Like a dark cellar dripping moss down the walls The Exploding Boy take the darker side of rock and transfix the listener with some sumptuous sounds. Hints of early 80’s new wave resounds through much of the material, which to my ears is no bad thing as the synth is deployed to add atmosphere, not as a focal point and it works well, as the instruments crawl over the nerve endings with their delightful reverb as the vocal matches the mood and topping off the experience is an ever present percussion which drives the whole thing forward. The acoustic, which you may expect to be lost inside the activity, when deployed, becomes the centre of attention as it describes so well the contexts, clever stuff.

The music plays well when you are in that state of mind when you are needing something to feed it, as the overall effect allows the brain to wander on a tour of imagery.

A new ten track LP – Four – was released today and welcome it is too, having had the opportunity to hear some of the older material and this latest release those who know The Exploding Boy won’t be disappointed and those who don’t, it is a good place to start.


Four – The Exploding Boy is available on iTunes*

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