The Marital

The Marital a doom-rock band from Long Beach, California, in the USA is the quintet of Kevin Martin (Vocals / Guitar / Piano), Henry Hollaway (Bass), Nick Diamantides (Drums), Dan Hernandez (Synth / Keys) and Eddie Espinoza (Guitar).

The Martial - doom-rock from the USA

The Marital

Still evolving their sounds with the addition of players The Marital have a melancholic resonance to the material that threads its way into the marrow as a baritone vocal features –

spearheading the charge like a standard bearer, to which a percussion fires like a machine gun attack on the wings as the bass thrusts through centre ground and guitars add the pall of armament. Subtle synths and keys give the smoke cover for the foreboding presence that rumbles into the ears with the force of a charging cavalcade.

This is so far from mental images of California and it easy to imagine The Marital rumble out of Dresden in the ’80s with the boiling magma of the oppressed which cloaks the listener in menacing gloom, as the music forebodingly marches across the room in serried ranks of stanchion laying.

Whilst no extant material is available to share of the full five piece, the concepts lay within their LP Bold Show which is available on bandcamp.

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