The Ians – Gold Teeth – Single Review

The trio of Nic (Vocals / Guitar), Matt (Bass / Vocals) and Sean (Drums) who form the garage band The Ians, based in Melbourne (Australia), released the single Gold Teeth on the 26th.

The Ians

The Ians

If there were a handbook on how to define less is more Gold Teeth would be the primary entry with its laid bare stomping energy thumping through the speakers.

Two minutes and fifty six seconds of sublime rock’n’roll from which everything extraneous has been stripped. The listener finds themselves with a pumping heart, punching the air while leaping around the room in sweat covered delight, I am just off to play that again… .

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Mesa Cosa

Mesa Cosa, a new wave band from Melbourne in Australia is the aggregation of Pablo AndresStewArt Jeremiah CowlishawKnives ChauIan SawyerAndrew MartyNic and Crispy Chris Pound.

Mesa Cosa - new wave from Australia

Mesa Cosa

More a collective concept than a band Mesa Cosa take an idea and turn it into a chant and throw it out across the room as a fully constructed composition and how could I not revel in that. Timing, cohesion, sensibility and direction are lost in a valedictory wave of ‘we are alive’.

This is so raw that compound fractures seem knitted, but to my ears it sits of a moment and a moment that makes perfect sense. Phalanges blister across instruments, vocal chords rattle and the listener is offered the warped sounds to conjugate and it all makes perfect sense. Inside the seeming chaos lies a clarity of vision to which you either recoil or engage, this is a Marmite band.

The combination of Mexican emotive and Australian carefree gives the listener a ride of dadaistic music which resonates for its very puzzlement.

Mesa Costa deliver a live commentary on their perspectives of the world around and for that very construct throw out what have on the surface the appearance of continual jam sessions of invective, yet these are living and breathing organisms they can recreate with the same freshness and apparent inconsistency time and time again. How could they not be on my playlist?


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