Fisk – Smile Drift – Audio

Fisk is a new-wave duo from the USA.



A spiced drum-kit piles raw chopped chilli across the room finding the listener squeezing eyes tightly shut whilst punching skywards in writhing delight as the accompanying vocals and guitar bustle through the speakers, a subsumed bass by guest artists such as CiCi Young affords the music a depth of resonance, that allows Fisk the opportunity to explore more complex avenues.

By way of an introduction to Fisk – the fourth track on their recent LP, Smile Drift (available on bandcamp), being the title song and resultant for the throbbing multifarious drum opening which minds of the best of any band with two drummers, though distilled by the singular kit of Brandon Jacobs.


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La Bête Blooms – Saw You On The TV – Audio

La Bête Blooms is an English new wave outfit.

La Bête Blooms - photo credit Rowan Allen

La Bête Blooms – photo credit Rowan Allen

Juxtapositions of fuzzy comfort are riven with razor-blade edges as La Bête Blooms cast a wary eye at the the world around and best approached having cleared some space in which to flounder prior to hitting play.

The latest track, Saw You On The TV, combines both luscious harmonies and venomous bites with its ever shifting pace that compresses and expands across the room akin to a rattle-snake midway through sloughing its old skin, one moment calmly flexing glistening fresh scales, the next a wary jaw of needle sharp fangs.

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My Pleasure – Something Is Something – Audio

On the 13th of October the English new wave project My Pleasure will be releasing the LP Domestic Bliss.

My Pleasure

My Pleasure

With some delight I have been able to meander through the eleven tracks on the album (which is available via The Adult Teeth Recording Company) – though sadly am only permitted to share the opener Something Is Something with you.

For those of longer reach in to the world of music – think The Toy Dolls mixed with Dr Feelgood with a sprinkling of Jilted John and you will be there – for those less au fait – take a rack of raw ribs and gnaw away the flesh – juggle the residue of individual ribs in the air then catch them in your teeth on the way down – you will be there – or at least thereabouts.

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Basic Bitches – White Bread President – Audio

The US based new-wave outfit Basic Bitches released the AA side single My Body, My Choice / White Bread President a few hours ago.

Basic Bitches - White Bread President

Basic Bitches

Following on quickly from the LP City Slackers the new single (available on bandcamp) is a snarling release that, rightly, takes fire at those who want to control others bodies and minds with the profits being donated to Planned Parenthood.

Both song titles summarise the concept of each composition – this is White Bread President.

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The Medicine Dolls – Kiss Kiss Kill Me – Single Review

The South African newwave trio The Medicine Dolls have featured regularly since first appearing last year.

The Medicine Dolls - Kiss Kiss Kill Me

The Medicine Dolls – Kiss Kiss Kill Me

The newest track, which surfaced this week, Kiss Kiss Kill Me exemplifies why their music always resonates with me as the carefree abandon of uncomplicated guitar, throbbing bass, congealed vocal and flailing drum hurtles around the room merely asking of the listener to join in on the dance floor in any angulation of limbs preferred and passing no thought to it, merely delight that the audience is taking part in the party.

Turn up the volume, clear floor-space, hit play and thresh with the music that pours through the ears.

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