Zodiac Panthers – Primal Astrology – Video

The US newwave trio Zodiac Panthers revealed a new song recently – Primal Astrology.

Zodiac Panthers

Zodiac Panthers

On hitting play the listener is immediately drawn to the best of CBGBs on the late ’70s with the carefree low slung guitar and bass combinations pumped along by a busy drumkit with the slurried vocal rounding out the sound.

Appropriately all over in less than two and three quarters, such is its infectious nature the audience finds themselves chanting along with the chorus on first play through.

What more does rock’n’roll need than this jewel I wonder?

website (be aware silent video containing flashing images plays immediately)

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Superbean – Satan, Lend Me A Dollar – Audio

The US new wave trio Superbean released the LP Shit Show on the 8th.

Superbean - Satan, Lend Me A Dollar


A dozen track album (available on bandcamp) of ska and new wave infused songs that shake an enraged fist at the world around, while inviting the audience to join in with the party. With their frustrations not taking over the positive vibes of the music rather marrying in an addictive roughly thirty three minutes of high energy rock’n’roll.

The closer is the celtic-rock derived Satan, Lend Me A Dollar.

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Queen Zee – Idle Crown – Single Review

The English new-wave band Queen Zee have become a regular feature on the site since their introduction early in the year.

Queen Zee -Idle Crown

Queen Zee

Their latest single, Idle Crown, which was released towards the end of last month is another stormer of a track.

The pressure waves of Idle Crown are presented through a bass which takes greater prominence than previous songs giving it a more brooding presence while the fuzzing guitars are still prominent, by laying further back in the mix, Queen Zee (in their recently abbreviated name form) are able to create a song which has inbuilt power and although slower than other compositions is no less as fired up as anticipated to be in their material and a welcome different dimension to their creativity.

Idle Crown – Queen Zee is available on iTunes.*

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Band of the Month – November 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The Readers’ Selection for the Band Of the Month is rarely one from a previous Month, November being one of those rare occasions…

The K's - photo credit - Richard Hall Photography

The K’s – photo credit – Richard Hall Photography

… The English newwave quartet The K’s, who featured in August, being the selection.

Equally as unusually I am only able to feature the same song as was the basis of the first article – Sarajevo – as there is nothing else around, though word does arrive of new material to soon surface.

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Fisk – Smile Drift – Audio

Fisk is a new-wave duo from the USA.



A spiced drum-kit piles raw chopped chilli across the room finding the listener squeezing eyes tightly shut whilst punching skywards in writhing delight as the accompanying vocals and guitar bustle through the speakers, a subsumed bass by guest artists such as CiCi Young affords the music a depth of resonance, that allows Fisk the opportunity to explore more complex avenues.

By way of an introduction to Fisk – the fourth track on their recent LP, Smile Drift (available on bandcamp), being the title song and resultant for the throbbing multifarious drum opening which minds of the best of any band with two drummers, though distilled by the singular kit of Brandon Jacobs.


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