Paprika Jones – Playpen Profile – Audio

The New Zealand trippy-rock outfit Paprika Jones released the single Playpen Profile today.

Paprika Jones - Photo credit - Shelton Leong

Paprika Jones – Photo credit – Shelton Leong

Playpen Profile (available on bandcamp) is an intriguing combination of mathematical-rock angularity nestled alongside jazz-influences and rounded out by shimmering reverberation and echoes giving the song a sense of simultaneously tripping-out on acid whilst buzzing on speed – a combination Paprika Jones handle with aplomb and leaves the listener looking forward to hearing more material in the near future.

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Glass Vaults – Bleached Blonde – Audio

The New Zealand synth-wave outfit Glass Vaults release the LP The New Happy on the 12th.

Glass Vaults - Photo by @funkypancake

Glass Vaults – Photo by @funkypancake

From the album – Bleached Blonde – is the penultimate of the nine tracks and allows the guitar, which is normally more submerged, to take a pivoting funk presence around which the synths revolve, giving the track a summer-evening vibe.

The New Happy – Glass Vaults is available on iTunes.*

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Golden Curtain – Amen – Video

The New Zealand alt-rock trio Golden Curtain have been quietly working on the LP Underwater Gospels due for release later in the year.

Golden Curtain

Golden Curtain

The ten track album is a long awaited follow-up to the 2015 LP Hell Is Other People. Underwater Gospels marks a step change in direction of sound with the LP being sculpted through a collaboration with the broadcaster and poet Alex Green.

The first track to surface from the forthcoming album, made available to share within the past few hours, which will itself be released as a single on the 14th of April, Amen – is a darkly shrouded garage-surf valedictory of dreams unheralded.

The darkness of the shaped and shadowed bass immediately focuses attention with its menacing omnipresence which affords the drums the space to roam more widely, allowing the pace to be slowed to almost funereal as the reverberating guitar spirals through the ears with the flattened vocal emphasising the contextualisation of the written concept.

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Grawlixes – Set Free – Video

The New Zealand alt-folk band Grawlixes are planning to release the LP Set Free in July and the title track was made available a few hours ago.



Not an outfit to pop onto the party night playlist Grawlixes deliver music which has an intense sadness that daubs the listeners eyes with tear-stained handkerchief and for its resonating melancholia is music from which the audience has no desire to flee.

On the lead and title track of the eleven on Set Free, there is tender beauty created by the changing harmonics of minors and accidentals of vocal as both bowed and strummed strings gives the track its raw emotional intensity and burrows the, tad over two minutes, music deep in to the marrow-bone.

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The Eversons – Weird Year – Video

The England based New Zealand originating indie-rock band The Eversons first featured back in 2012 and have been a regular staple on the various sites ever since.

The Eversons - Weird Year

The Eversons

Over the years they have never been an overtly political out-fit – though often casting quizzical and satirical looks at the world around. Their most recent track to surface – Weird Year –  continues the theme as they ponder on the topsy-turvey nature of 2016.

Regular readers know that I will normally use an audio embed when options between a video version and an audio file exist, but on this occasion the video extracts the events of the year with greater clarity.

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