Drunk Mums – Order From Chaos – Audio

It was back in 2013 that the Australian new wave quartet Drunk Mums were introduced and last featured – tomorrow they release the LP Urban Cowboy.

Drunk Mums - photo by @photoyunist

Drunk Mums – photo by @photoyunist

Even on recording it is discernible that Drunk Mums is a band to get to see live as the ten crumpled tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) come staggering in to the room borne on slurred guitar, which even after faffing around with multi-tracking and mastering can’t disguise the earthy, infectious, energy of the quartet.

The roughly thirty six minutes (over seven and a half minutes of which is contained in the closing song Ripper, with most songs reaching conclusion well within three minutes) LP merely asks the listener to clear space, turn up the volume and pogo to the blues-fused garage rock’n’roll.

My pick of the release being the third – Order From Chaos.

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The Bright Lights – The Rise And The Fall – Single Review

The English new-wave quartet The Bright Lights revealed their latest track – The Rise And The Fall – on the 13th.

The Bright Lights

The Bright Lights

As I have mentioned in previous features, a quartet who keep a low profile, are going even further underground as The Rise And Fall will be their last reveal for a while.

Once again, clear a space to join in with the blustering gale that is The Bright Lights with the hard pressing bass and percussion rattling the window frames, while the guitar bends in to contortions of blistered rock, rock-a-billy chords and in this instance, ska rhythm, to enable their music to always be of a multi-dimensional journey and as ever topped out by the singularity of the mesmeric vocal that is able to shape the songs like a chameleon changing colours.

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The Cracked Heads – I don’t know why – Audio

The French new wave quartet The Cracked Heads released their début single Go Fuck Yourself! on the 8th.

The Cracked Heads

The Cracked Heads

Their speed in making the first release available, having only got together very recently, is reflective of the energy in their music.

Raw bleeding knuckles burst through the speakers as the pummelling bass and percussion hurtle through the room with frenetic guitar riffs scrawling in to the ears as the ill-disposed vocal snarls at the listener.

Go Fuck Yourself! is a three track single (available on bandcamp) that already sits on my essential music playlist – the closer is I don’t know why.

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Escape The Future – Forever Now – Video

The English new wave trio Escape The Future are set to release the EP Forever Now on the 5th of October.

Escape The Future

Escape The Future

A fiery rumble of percussion holds the glue to Escape The Future which allows bass, guitar and vocal to pogo around the room unconcerned the laces on the DMs will come undone.

The four tracks each seem individually quite smartly attired, though by the conclusion of the eleven minutes of the EP the listener notices their surrounding strewn furniture and raw bruised shins.

The title track – Forever Now – is the second song.


Forever Now – EP – Escape The Future is available on iTunes.*

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Constant Mongrel – Living In Excellence – Audio

The Australian new wave quartet Constant Mongrel will be releasing the LP Living In Excellence on the 21st of September.

Constant Mongrel

Constant Mongrel

Slightly self-deprecating and partly mocking of social mores which delight in denigrating others Constant Mongrel are able to create music which retains a sense of humour while retaining a wary eye on the world around.

Three years since their last release, the EP DCM, and five since their last LP, Everything Goes Wrong, the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) consists of both new songs with a few stalwarts which those who have seen them live will recall, makes a welcome return to a wider audience. The title track Living In Excellence is the eighth song.

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