Mesa Cosa

Mesa Cosa, a new wave band from Melbourne in Australia is the aggregation of Pablo AndresStewArt Jeremiah CowlishawKnives ChauIan SawyerAndrew MartyNic and Crispy Chris Pound.

Mesa Cosa - new wave from Australia

Mesa Cosa

More a collective concept than a band Mesa Cosa take an idea and turn it into a chant and throw it out across the room as a fully constructed composition and how could I not revel in that. Timing, cohesion, sensibility and direction are lost in a valedictory wave of ‘we are alive’.

This is so raw that compound fractures seem knitted, but to my ears it sits of a moment and a moment that makes perfect sense. Phalanges blister across instruments, vocal chords rattle and the listener is offered the warped sounds to conjugate and it all makes perfect sense. Inside the seeming chaos lies a clarity of vision to which you either recoil or engage, this is a Marmite band.

The combination of Mexican emotive and Australian carefree gives the listener a ride of dadaistic music which resonates for its very puzzlement.

Mesa Costa deliver a live commentary on their perspectives of the world around and for that very construct throw out what have on the surface the appearance of continual jam sessions of invective, yet these are living and breathing organisms they can recreate with the same freshness and apparent inconsistency time and time again. How could they not be on my playlist?


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LaDiDa from Gothenberg in Sweden is Bea, Rat, Andy, Erik an alt-indie band.

LaDiDa - alt indie from Sweden


Changes in line-up and band name has seen LaDiDa burrowed away in a time-capsule for the past few years, but they are now back bursting with even more energy than previously. Working on a new release whilst getting out on the road again the quartet are back with a bang. I have had the opportunity of hearing two of their demo recordings which would indicate their new release coming out some time early next year will be worth getting hold of. The music from a few years ago however does justice to the new sounds as there remains a distinctive and unforgettable vocal infused with the infectious enthusiasm of the music which showers ohms through the speakers.

For the first time in many years I found myself doing some exercise with the first cup of coffee of the day as the need to pogo overwhelmed the need for caffeine. As many of you know from my previous writing, that is a pretty mean feat as not only do I start drinking coffee before my eyes open, it also takes a coffee to get me off to sleep at night. What a great start to the day and I look forward to hearing more of these tracks before they end up on the finished product. The raw bleeding edges are exactly what LaDiDa are about and I hope they don’t put on too many layers of make-up before letting it loose more widely, for now, unless you are going to be seeing them in Sweden live, you will have to take my word for it as I am unable to share these demo tracks.

From the archives, but giving a good idea what LaDiDa is all about here is something from a couple of years ago.


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The Gooch Palms

The Gooch Palms are the new wave duo of Kat Friend and Leroy Macqueen from Newcastle, Australia.

The Gooch Palms - new wave from Australia

The Gooch Palms Photo by Peter Dovgan

A soaring soundscape comes hurtling in to the room as The Gooch Palms let it all hang out, quite literally and I am reminded not just musically of The Damned but more precisely of Captain Sensible who also ended up more than often wearing nothing more than his guitar.

Stripping it all back to basics (no pun intended) The Gooch Palms deliver a stream of consciousness that captivates the audience for its very simplicity. This is another band that when you think you have found the loudest possible playback, find the boost and it gets better.

Energy just crashes across the room in a joyful bounce and the listener is caught up in it all as the duo deliver music which delivers a resounding punch that connects with a playful smile. Many bands with a plethora of musicians don’t deliver anything like this powerhouse manage and it is of little surprise that The Gooch Palms find themselves regularly invited to play venues as I would imagine their gigs are great fun to attend.

A recent ten track LP – Novo’s – will undoubtedly secure them an even wider audience. If you are in Australia, my suggestion is to find out when they are playing near you and book it in the diary, if not, get hold of the LP.


Novo’s – The Gooch Palms is available on iTunes*.

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Parquet Courts

From Brooklyn in the USA we find Andrew Savage (Vocals / Guitar), Austin Brown (Guitar), Sean Yeaton (Bass) and Max Savage (Drums) also know as the new wave band Parquet Courts.

Parquet Courts - new wave from the USA

Parquet Courts

Harking back to the ’60s Parquet Courts seek to explore how the blocks fit together and more than that emerge with different patterns. I am sort of reminded of a Rubik’s Cube having been spliced and replaced – no matter how hard you try – there is no perfect settlement. A delight of discordance challenges the ears as guitars and vocals out of tune proffer a sound which for no reason makes perfect sense.

Wrapped up inside shiny wrappers you will find Parquet Courts as they throw out barbs to the world around them. This is music, challenging social mores in brief snippets, which hook or miss as they dart out. For me the wild guitars snarling across the landscape make for a paragraph which makes perfect sense. Around it all sits a vocal diatribe of invective, incised with percussion and bass, that drive the sounds to move the body of the audience in to a pogo – well I am knocking everything over as I attempt to write the review.

Music which tries to do nothing more than challenge the listener to take a look at their positioning always wins my vote. When it does in the concise format of a band who wrap much of it inside three minutes. Well, is it any surprise I recommend you take a moment or two to listen.


Borrowed Time – Single – Parquet Courts is available on iTunes*

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The Brown Bottle Flu

The Brown Bottle Flu from Bloomington in the USA is the New Wave trio of Alex Molica (Guitar / Vocals), Jared (Bass) and Sharlene (Percussion / Vocals).

The Brown Bottle Flu - new wave from the USA

The Brown Bottle Flu

A delight….. is how I will start of this review of The Brown Bottle Flu and well, this is going to take me some time to write as I have to take a minute or two away from the keyboard each sentence to wrap my head in the music. A perfect setting for early Friday evening as I type, sumptuous percussion and bass slither across the room, testing the very foundations of the building. A slightly distorted guitar splays across the material like a back spatter bloodstain, accompanied by underlying vocals which are delivered as a head-snapping double punch.

I could waffle about CBGBs for a while and even throw in Anti-Pasti, but to make comparisons is to declinate from the absolute joy and currency of it all. Smartly composed songs breathe of vitality and the listener is lifted on to their feet to join in with the music. I can even forgive them the odd cover here or there which they do manage to rework with some degree of originality.

The Brown Bottle Flu is absolute joy to discover and with a release Felt Up beginning to gain some traction I would anticipate will become far better known and a band I suggest is worth spending plenty of time with…. It has taken an hour for these 250 words and I will be heading back to replay the LP once again as soon as I finish.


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