The Aftergreens – Get My Act Together – Audio

The US new wave trio The Aftergreens released the LP A little sad​.​.​. but kinda rad? on the 11th.

The Aftergreens

The Aftergreens

I am in receipt, daily, umpteen introductions by bands who spend untold amounts of money to zizzy up their sound with post production trickery – at the opposite end of the spectrum is where I always find myself drawn and The Aftergreens deliver a fourteen track album (available on bandcamp) which has the finesse of finish that sounds as though it was recorded through portable cassette recorder with an inbuilt microphone picking up the music.

It will therefore come as no surprise to longer stay readers and those aware of my days as a vocalist in a punk band back in the ’70s that this is heading towards my natural habitat, hence why I fully recommend you spending the almost fifty minutes of the duration with speakers turned up loudly and plenty of space in which to thresh around in the same unadulterated joie de vivre as their au naturel output that minds of early ’80s garage-synth.

By way of an introduction to a band I look forward to hearing much more from in short order – the opener is as good a place as any to start – Get My Act Together.

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Metz – Drained Lake – Video

Metz is a Canadian new wave trio who really should have, by now, featured on the site.



By way of a correction and serving as an introduction to a band I look forward to hearing more from in short order – a live version of the track Drained Lake , the second of the eleven tracks on the LP Strange Peace (which is available on bandcamp) from a performance in France at the tail end of last month which was a leg on their extensive pan Asian, European and North American 2018 tour.

May 23 – Taipei, Taiwan – The Wall –
May 25 – Beijing, China – TBC –
May 26 – Shanghai, China – TBC –
May 29 – Hong Kong, China – TTN Livehouse –
May 31 – Manila, Philippines – Mow’s Bar –
June 1 – Singapore – Decline –
June 2 – Bangkok, Thailand – NOMA –
June 4 – Tokyo, Japan – Fever –
June 5 – Tokyo, Japan – Fever –
June 6 – Nagoya, Japan – Tight Rope –
June 7 – Osaka, Japan – Conpass –
June 13 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall –
June 14 – New York, NY – Rocks Off Boat Cruise –
July 11 – Quebec City, QC – Festival D’ete –
July 12 – Ottawa, ON – Babylon –
July 18 – Leipzig, Germany – UT Connewitz –
July 19 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia –
July 21 – Tromso, Norway – Bukta Festival –
August 15 – Le Locle, Switzerland – Rock Altitude Festival –
August 16 – Wiesbaden, Germany – Schlachthof –
August 24 – Gigors et Lozeron, France – Freakshow Festival –
August 25 – Reading, United Kingdom – Reading Festival –
August 26 – Leeds, United Kingdom – Leeds Festival –
August 27 – Nottingham, England – Rescue Rooms –
August 28 – Cardiff, Wales – The Globe –
August 30 – BX Vlieland, Netherlands – Into the Great Wide Open Festival –
August 31 – Asten-Heusden, Netherlands – Misty Fields Festival –
September 14 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre – Get Tickets
October 27 – Gainsville, FL – The Fest –


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Bad Moves – One Thing – Single Review

The US new wave quartet Bad Moves released the single One Thing on the 19th.

Bad Moves - photo by Jeanette D. Moses

Bad Moves – photo by Jeanette D. Moses

Taking thoughts straight back to garage of the ’70s and ’80s Bad Moves in One Thing (available on bandcamp) fill the room with the sounds of summer surf with a retro-analogue warmth that is over all to quickly and has the audience clamouring for more – if a track ever cried out for a vinyl release – One Thing would be heard sobbing loudly.

After a break in recorded material a couple of singles have arisen in the past two months, which, if signalling of anything at all possibly indicates there may be a longer release coming up to follow their 2016 eponymous EP – I for one will keep my fingers crossed.

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Wharves – High School Hero – Single Review

The Australian new wave quartet Wharves revealed their newest single a few hours ago.



High School Hero is a rock’n’roll derived number to which Wharves have tuned up the engine to deliver a gothic steeped vocal surrounded by an unstoppable bass that has the listeners feet stamping in time within half a bar while loosely tied drum-skins sink deep inside the rims giving the track an ever darker shadow through which glorious fretwork shimmers.

In High School Hero Wharves have been able to create a track which has a natural flow and and primordial beat that seeps directly in to the audiences marrow and is one of those songs that demonstrate the power of music to infect those it touches and lift their day to a better place.


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Austerity – Occupation – Audio

The English new wave trio Austerity were introduced last year.

Austerity - Occupation


Not a band to hide their politics under a flag of convenience – Occupation, released on the 6th, wears its message on its sleeve as well as in the music.

Occupation – Single – Austerity is available on iTunes.*

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