Bloodcocks UK – Skid Row Dance Party – Audio

The US new wave quartet Bloodcocks UK release the LP Hot Sushi on the 1st of May.

Bloodcocks UK

Bloodcocks UK

With an extensive touring schedule, though rarely playing the USA, more normally to be found in Japan they have developed a strong live performance presence, which they are able to transpose in to the recorded material and the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) is a release to bring out at any party moment with its bursting effervescence, with songs that rarely reach two minutes.

Pull aside the furnishings, turn up the volume, hit play and dance your heart-out to some storming good-old rock’n’roll.

The fifth track is Skid Row Dance Party.


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ARXX – Moments At A Time – Audio

The English new wave duo ARXX released the LP Daughters Of Daughters today.



Minding of the sound of Slaughter And The Dogs mixed with the vexatious contempt of Pauline Murray from Penetration how could I not recommend spending the twenty-five’ish minutes with the six track album (available on bandcamp).

I often hear that music is a dirge because folks are no longer interested in anything outside the easy life to riches landing on their plate – I am always immediately brought back to the reality of my existence of a daily overflowing email inbox of musicians creating new music without the axis of the facile empire of the major labels and trite award shows – to evidence that those of such thought are probably drawing their well of noise consumption from the bland wallpaper paste of ‘radio friendly’ template dross, whilst being completely oblivious to the fact there is a far more important and thriving music mine of creative music around the globe.

My pick of the LP being opener – Moments At A Time.

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QWAM is the new wave quartet of Felicia Lobo (Vocals), Matt Keim (Guitar), Rachel (Drums) and Eddie Lapidus (Bass) from New York in the USA.

QWAM - photo credit - J. Kane-Hartnett Photography

QWAM – photo credit – J. Kane-Hartnett Photography

Back in November of 2016 I was first alerted to QWAM, yet sadly I didn’t get round to the email at the time – so – long overdue and with apologies all around finally I catch up to introduce a band who should have been on my playlist of essential music two years ago.

Spiky high-octane energetic rock ‘n’ roll comes tumbling out of the speakers as though drawn by a pride of lions spotting a herd of passing antelope as the musculature of the frame launches through the room while the supple gracefulness of the considered compositions catches the ears and the audience is conflicted as to whether to don the obligatory 14-hole Dr. Martens and pogo in frenetic delight or allow the cleverly constructed songs to wash through the brain.

Most recently QWAM released the five track EP Feed Me (available on bandcamp) which is a must have addition to the collection along with their other four songs, which too are to be found on bandcamp.

If you happen to be in and around New York, I do suggest checking if QWAM have a gig on as I don’t imagine this would be an evening of regret. For those of us further afield, one can only trust that they are able to secure an intentional touring circuit in short order.

By way of an introduction from Feed Me – the second song – Glitter Paint.

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The Medicine Dolls – Sick Of Anesthetic – Audio

The Medicine Dolls, a new wave trio from South Africa,  released the LP Lost Love Lullabies on the 2nd.

The Medicine Dolls - Sick Of Anesthetic

The Medicine Dolls

A group of musicians who evidently enjoy creating and performing music with new songs frequently being revealed along with regular touring schedules and one off gigs in South Africa, if justice be served they will find slots on the international stage opening up for them very soon as theirs is music that travels globally.

Lost Love Lullabies introduces some stronger melody to various tracks, whilst loosing none of the exuberant joie de vivre that is their hallmark sound.  Each time I pick up on a song of theirs I, like an excited puppy playing with a squeaky toy, find myself hurtling around the room in yelps of delight.

From the six track album – the second – Sick Of Anesthetic.

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The Pistol Mystics – Deep Water – Audio

The US new-wave quartet The Pistol Mystics release the EP Ammunition on the 1st of January 2018.

The Pistol Mystics

The Pistol Mystics

A four track release (available on bandcamp) that launches in to the room akin to a trapped bear freeing itself with combinations of 60s’ rock infused bluesy guitars roaring through the speakers, while snarling percussion charges through the ears with a snaffling bass delivering the power to the compositions, as the deftly controlled vocal delivers the invective.

The Pistol Mystics have, in their début EP, been able to deliver songs of compressed rage, which are kept on a tight leash and the listener minds themselves of early Eddie And The Hotrods and I look forward to hearing more by the quartet.


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