The Medicine Dolls – Sick Of Anesthetic – Audio

The Medicine Dolls, a new wave trio from South Africa,  released the LP Lost Love Lullabies on the 2nd.

The Medicine Dolls - Sick Of Anesthetic

The Medicine Dolls

A group of musicians who evidently enjoy creating and performing music with new songs frequently being revealed along with regular touring schedules and one off gigs in South Africa, if justice be served they will find slots on the international stage opening up for them very soon as theirs is music that travels globally.

Lost Love Lullabies introduces some stronger melody to various tracks, whilst loosing none of the exuberant joie de vivre that is their hallmark sound.  Each time I pick up on a song of theirs I, like an excited puppy playing with a squeaky toy, find myself hurtling around the room in yelps of delight.

From the six track album – the second – Sick Of Anesthetic.

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The Pistol Mystics – Deep Water – Audio

The US new-wave quartet The Pistol Mystics release the EP Ammunition on the 1st of January 2018.

The Pistol Mystics

The Pistol Mystics

A four track release (available on bandcamp) that launches in to the room akin to a trapped bear freeing itself with combinations of 60s’ rock infused bluesy guitars roaring through the speakers, while snarling percussion charges through the ears with a snaffling bass delivering the power to the compositions, as the deftly controlled vocal delivers the invective.

The Pistol Mystics have, in their début EP, been able to deliver songs of compressed rage, which are kept on a tight leash and the listener minds themselves of early Eddie And The Hotrods and I look forward to hearing more by the quartet.


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Saint Sapphire – Scream – Video

The Northern Irish new-wave quartet Saint Sapphire were introduced earlier in the year.

Saint Sapphire - photo credit Zoe Faulkner

Saint Sapphire – photo credit Zoe Faulkner

With typical aplomb the latest single to be revealed by Saint SapphireScream – is a free flowing fuzzy ball of high octane rock’n’roll attesting to their ability to put together feisty songs that simultaneously have the listener launching themselves around the room in good humour.

Scream – Single – Saint Sapphire is available on iTunes.*

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New City Slang – Johnny Johnny – Audio

The US new wave quartet New City Slang released their eponymous LP on the 20th.

New City Slang

New City Slang

A dozen track album (available on bandcamp) of furious temper and intricate webbing – with the genre of new wave regular readers will know it is not likely that I am going to say other than turn up the volume and add the LP to the collection.

New City Slang, however, are more than just a re-imagination of three minutes, three chord ‘late ’70s rock, rather a quartet who infuse their material with some inventive blues, timing shifts and are equally adept at delivering slower tempo pieces – with my pick of the release being one of those more involved tracks – the third – Johnny Johnny.


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Swears – Faith In The Nation – Single Review

The English new wave quartet Swears released the single Faith In The Nation on the 5th.



14 hole DMs are the prerequisite footwear priot to hitting play and starting to pogo – oh and then hit play… Faith In The Nation is a feisty track in which to clash safety pins and bondage straps with an accompanying audience on the dance-floor as the sarcastic lyric swathes through the ears whilst unremitting bass pummels the jawbone while the pulsing drum-kit switches between snare and a bass-drum you just know isn’t going to stay its anchors whilst an unexpected duo of rhythmic guitars swagger through the room in flashing strobes of shimmering layered melody, giving Faith In The Nation a zingy melodic twist.

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Faith in the Nation [Explicit] is available on Amazon.*

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