Chronica & From Apes To Angels – K.I.S.S. – Audio

The French synthwave outfit Chronica will be releasing the EP Thrill on the 1st of December.



The track K.I.S.S. has been released as a standalone single in advance of the EP (available on bandcamp) and is a collaboration with the English dreamwave duo From Apes To Angels who have regularly featured over the years.

K.I.S.S. is a hazy wash of softly brushed electronica that floats calmly through the ears whilst the duality of voices hypnotise the audience.

Word also arrives that From Apes To Angels are in the process of recording more music to follow-up the release of their début EP New Skin which featured in June.

Chronicasocial media page.

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From Apes To Angels – Gift Tag – Audio

On the 24th of July the English synth-wave duo From Apes To Angels will be releasing their début EP New Skin.

From Apes To Angels - New Skin - artwork

From Apes To Angels – New Skin – artwork

A four track release that is best heard under strobed lighting as the duo deliver a soundtrack that has a slightly retro-feel to it in which the listener can immerse themselves and wash away the mundanities of every day life to the layered texturing and dreamy vocal.

The second song Gift Tag is the sprightliest of the four whilst simultaneously the most steeped in the roots of the Blitz Club.

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BREE – Damn, I’m Being Me Again – Audio

The US alt-rock trio BREE release the LP New Skin in April.

BREE - Photo by John Brown at NuMynd Studios

BREE – Photo by John Brown at NuMynd Studios

From the forthcoming album the opening track and lead single – Damn, I’m Being Me Again – due for release on the 11th of March.

As regular readers know I have an affinity towards voluminous bass and appropriately on Valentines Day – how could I not fall in love with a band who use a double-bass? As to be anticipated by an upright boom-box, BREE have a sound that has you slipping on the red brothel-creepers as the influences of rock-a-billy bounce around the walls, which they blend with indie-rock to deliver a sound that creates its own Pantheon in the world of music.

Damn, I’m Being Me Again, delivers exactly what it says on the tin – while the listener is able to catch snatches of other ideas BREE slow down the pace and inject a booming projection that is distinct for its very similarities.

While I could happily type away for a while about the double-bass, there is far more to the track than that alone. The drums take a pivotal role as they pull on the reigns keeping the sound compacted with double-time beats, while guitar swirls around the room giving Damn, I’m Being Me Again its texture as the distinct vocal which to the ears of a Brit, has a distinct country flavour, rounding out a track of many facets.

I am off to play this once again and maybe even send a rose of affection, when my puppy-love eyes have cleared.


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