Blonde Summer – Paradise – Audio

It was back in 2012 that I introduced the US electro-garage quartet Blonde Summer.

Blonde Summer - Paradise

Blonde Summer

A change in line-up and the addition of synths sees the band with a shift in parameter with their new EP – Paradise set for release on the 25th. The title track.

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Blue River – Watergate Bay – Audio

Blue River is an alt-indie quartet from England.

Blue River - Watergate Bay - CDs

Blue River – Watergate Bay – CDs

Blue River have been an entity since the end of the last decade and like many bands, have gone through periods of hiatus.

Of the original quartet two remain and whilst theoretically there is much I could review dating back many a year, the current line-up only came together in 2014 and have few tunes to hear.

With faint heart given the history, I do hope to be able to come back to Blue River, as a more established line-up in the New Year, with a full review.

For now – Watergate Bay, which was released on the 17th.

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Watergate Bay – Single – Blue River is available on iTunes.*

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Micky Blue – Champagne Reign – Audio

Micky Blue is a pop singer from the USA, who releases her EP Wild Things later this year.

Micky Blue

Micky Blue

There are a myriad of reason that I should not be asking you to spend time with this. However, as I often say, music is of a personal moment and much like a band with a strong bass line – anything containing Champagne in the title – as you will know if you are a regular reader is my drink to hand as I write the majority of these posts – means it holds some resonance.

However, as you will equally appreciate were it merely the title, I would not be suggesting Micky Blue, who sits way off the radar of normal fare, as an artist to spend time with were there not added value to the world of music.

With a Marmite vocal, which I happen to enjoy, Champagne Reign.


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Zoe Zac – As The Smog Rolls In From China – Audio

Zoe Zac – the electro-grunge creator from Tasmania released the three track single Honeybee on the 19th.

Zoe Zac

Zoe Zac

A hard working musician, who is also with We are The Kicks, The Mincers and ZZ-TV and word has it that Zoe is putting together yet another band. As a filler from her solo project, which will be touring across Europe in October – the middle track – As The Smog Rolls In From China.

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Honeybee is available on bandcamp.

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