QRD – The Guitarists – LP review

Silbermedia you will have come across many a time on the various reviews, as they are another out-fit who manage to unearth some fascinating sounds, which they send my way.

QRD - The Guitarists - artwork

QRD – The Guitarists – artwork

As a different project by Brian lays QRD – a fanzine dating back to the late 1990’s and just recently a new compilation LP appeared – entitled The Guitarists and it is exactly what it says on the tin – guitarists and their guitars.

I could review each individual track, there are fifty five of them spread over four hours of exploratory sounds, but not only would I be writing until next week, you would have fallen asleep by the time you got to the end of the article. To do so would also be less than half the story as the full release, running to almost four hours, comes with a fifty eight page digital booklet and just under two and a half thousand pages of interviews with the guitarists.

I could make a ‘pick of the release’ but attempting that, would be like catching wafts of smoke.

So – I would ask you to find a few hours to take a listen to the whole LP below.

The Guitarists with digital text is available from Silber.

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Kerretta – Warnlands – Audio

Kerretta from New Zealand have a new eight track LP Pirohia scheduled for release on the 5th September.

Kerretta - Pirohia - artwork

Kerretta – Pirohia – artwork

Pirohia follows on from the April two track single His Streets Of Honey, Her Mouth Of Gold. The third track on the forthcoming release is Warnlands.

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Pord from Lozère in France is the alt-rock trio of Seb (Drums), Mike (Guitar / Vocals) and Max (Bass).

Pord - Wild - artwork

Pord – Wild – artwork

An established outfit, Pord deliver fervent disambiguation inside fractured compositions which rattle the very foundations of the room. The anomalies which lay therein gifts the resulting out-put a mesmeric intensity.

The rasping guitar sheds spiky shards of iron as it cleaves across the room, whilst the bass rumbles like a burbling diesel engine as the percussion pummels away as though threshing fields and through it all emerges a tortured vocal. The disparities combine to give the music an unstoppable intensity, that suckers in the audience to stand transfixed by the apparent chaos, which impressively forms into immediately coherent and expressive compositions.

A new LP, the seven track – Wild – is set for release on the 8th September. Having had the opportunity to listen to it and some of their previous work, this release will come as a welcome addition to the collection for those with older material and for those not familiar with the sound a startling introduction.

Prod have taken their collisions of sound, sped up the tempo and given the vocal a more defined discordance to produce a superbly crafted set of songs.


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Voices of eXtreme – Martyr – Video

Voices of eXtreme from the USA have lain dormant for a while.

Voices of eXtreme

Voices of eXtreme

A new thunderous forthcoming release set for later this year Martyr, which has appeared as a video, finds the band very much alive, with a new line-up and a new zest for creativity.


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