Small Life Form – It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm – Single Review

The US experimental-drone project Small Life Form released the single It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm on the 11th.

Small Life Form - It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm - artwork

Small Life Form – It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm – artwork

If you have been a regular reader over the years you will have noticed various entries through Silber Records and Small Life Form is another of those entries. As with RemoraSmall Life Form is one of Brian Mitchell the owner of Silber Medias’ personal musical projects.

Running for over twelve and a half minutes It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm is a track to turn out the lights, close the eyes and languish within. One is minded of watching a rusty spot rotting away the steel surrounding as the buzzing of a thousand wasps drills into the ears. The fusion of exposed wires invites the listener to create their own capricious sound effects through volume, bass and treble. If you have access to delay and echo through your sound system, play with those functions too.

It Is Not Safe But It Is Warm is perhaps the antithesis of the rising popularity of using mobile phones and MP3s to listen to music through reedy delivery, no matter which accompanying speakers are attached and I recommend purchasing the FLAC version from the bandcamp download where the clarity of delivery allows you optimal experience.


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Frequency Cowboy – Win Some, Lose Some – Video

Frequency Cowboy is the indie-synth project of Sam Hurt from England who released his début three track single This Is today.

Frequency Cowboy - This Is - artwork

Frequency Cowboy – This Is – artwork

Win Some, Lose Some is the opening track which spins around the room in hushed tones as Frequency Cowboy combines instrumentation and programming to provide the listener with an imaginative introduction.

Although loops do rotate around the ears there is also a subtle synth and melody which holds the attention accompanied by a feather light vocal that seems to be appearing from up in the clouds. Sam is able to steer the material ways from glossy noise by developing the distinctive layers, which are reflected throughout This Is and Frequency Cowboy shifts what initially could mistakenly be brushed aside as – not another creator filling the same putty, with the listener reflecting –  looking forward to what comes next.

Not music to add to the ‘party-hard playlist’, but worth adding to the ‘ambient moments’ and I wish Frequency Cowboy all the best with This Is, which is available on bandcamp.


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Echotape – We’ve Been Dreaming – Single Review

The English alt-rock band Echotape release the single We’ve Been Dreaming on the 25th.

Echotape - We've Been Dreaming


The single is a more whimsical journey than much of their work as Echotape embed a folkiness to We’ve Been Dreaming, though they do retain their distinctive bounciness which finds itself with interweaving between multi-voice choir giving the track an intriguing sound.

Percussion jogs along cheerfully whilst around gently surface acoustic and electric guitars and the bass steps back from the space for much of the almost three and three quarter minute track and it is due to the easing in and out of the various elements in We’ve Been Dreaming that gives it its impressive composition in a piece where vocal forms the focus of attention.

There is enough for those who are already fans to recognise, whilst marking out slightly different territory that will captivate others as Echotape provide a tenderness in We’ve Been Dreaming that isn’t often exposed.

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Voodoo And The Crypts – Hawaii – Audio

Voodoo And The Crypts is a new alt-rock band from England.

Voodoo And The Crypts

Voodoo And The Crypts

It perhaps tells you how long I have been working with music that few ever get to hear when I find myself finding a reference point of a band that only existed for a few years in the underground and thinking this quartet feels like a refreshing shower of what happened six years ago – however that is how I find Voodoo And The Crypts who remind me of Gaoler’s Daughter. With fortune there are readers who have been here since the last decade and will understand the reference point of a band who featured well over thirty times, for those of less connection last featured in 2013.

A song that was released a few hours ago and only the second to appear by Voodoo And The Crypts is the glimmering guitar and fusing bass / percussion five and a tad minute Hawaii which despite the connotations of surf beaches reflects more of the volcanic turbulence that also exists as they take the cheerfulness to a more malevolent level which is in no small part delivered through the superb vocal of Matt Mitchell whose voice it is what reminded me of John Sterry and Gaoler’s Daughter.

I look forward to coming back to Voodoo And The Crypts next year with a full review of the band rather than reflections of music of yesteryear.

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Victoria Moralez – The Scrapbook – Audio

The Sweden based alternative musician Victoria Moralez first featured last year .

Victoria Moralez - The Scrapbook

Victoria Moralez

The latest track to surface – The Scrapbook appeared six hours ago and and will be officially released on the 18th finds Victoria Moralez in perhaps the nearest you will find her in ‘mainstream’ mode, though that needs to be placed in context.

A thrusting probe of drum machine sits at angularity to the melancholic folk that drifts across the room, for those of my vintage one is minded of the Spaceships arcade game, where structured pixels of green are invaded by an ever more insistent progress of synth attack before melting into a blur of movement.

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