Still Corners – Horses At Night – Audio

Still Corners is an England based disconsolate-electro duo.

Still Corners

Still Corners

Their latest track Horses At Night finds the listener weeping in conjunction with the inconsolable lyric and lofty synths as Still Corners deliver just under three and a half minutes of emotional turmoil.

Horses At Night has an aura which neither comforts nor distances as the stellar opposites mix akin to oil and water in a fluidity that reflects more than it absorbs and it this ability to emulsify the tangential which makes Still Corners such an intriguing combination.

From time to time I find myself falling across the mainstream that I think you should take time to involve yourself and this is one of those moments.

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Origami Horses – The King Of Happenstance – Audio

The English electro-rock trio Origami Horses released the LP In Love And In Dub through Metal Postcard Records on the 1st.

Origami Horses

Origami Horses

The third of the nine tracks The King Of Happenstance is a number that bounces around the room in sprightly step in an open-framed percussion / bass note munches into everything it meets as guitar disappears into a meandering synth that swallows all that is extraneous, whilst vocal tempts along the material and the listener is left feeling they have been scrubbed down by the brushes of a carwash.

The King Of Happenstance is one of the faster tracks on In Love And In Dub in an album that lasts for just over half an hour of immense pleasure and is available on bandcamp.

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The Bullhounds – Everybody For Themselves – Video

The Denmark based Rock’n’Roll quintet The Bullhounds release the LP To Rock & Serve on the 8th of January 2016 for Sweden and Denmark and in April to the rest of the world.

The Bullhounds

The Bullhounds

The album will be released as a digital version with a dozen tracks and on Vinyl with fourteen.

From To Rock & Serve comes Everybody For Themselves which delivers exactly what is needed: A touch of sadness; Bulging sounds that fight their way into the room and; Plenty of space for the listener to shake-on-down in unison. All wrapped up in a cheeky smile.


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MATILDAZ – From Here to There – Video

The English alt-rock duo MATILDAZ are currently putting finishing touches to an EP due for release next year.

MATILDAZ - From Here to There


When introduced last year I mentioned the slack bass strings and with some fortune Jackson still hasn’t got round to tightening them any further.

The just over two minute From Here To There chills its way into the room as though transported on a Gothic Altar as the duo use their minimalist approach to frame the track with an eerie mix of evocative vocal, threadbare percussion and that all too enjoyable bass.

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Northwest – Reflection – Single Review

Northwest is the relatively newly formed melancholic-romance project based in England who released their début single Reflection on the 1st.

Northwest - Reflection - artwork

Northwest – Reflection – artwork

Filter all extraneous sound and light before hitting play to allow the mind to sink into the voluptuous seduction of the honey-sweet vocal temptation winding through evocative cello and mellifluous keys, as Reflection, akin to a Sirens call, draws senses of longing into the tale of love unrequited.

The stark contrasts of the loving caresses, proffered by the gently holding instrumentation, against the backdrop of delusional lyrical longing allows Northwest to deliver a début single, in Reflection, that has the listener tying their own chains on cellar walls in supplication of more music to hear as-though a subservient pleading for domination.

I look forward to discovering more of the lugubrious exhortations of Northwest in short order.


Reflection – Single – Northwest is available on iTunes.*

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