The Hot – Funtitled – Audio

The US alt-rock duo The Hot released the EP Nobody Loves You on the 13th.

The Hot

The Hot

There is a raw, bleeding, grungy, garage thread to the material created by the two – hence no possibility that I would do anything other than recommend spending time in their company.

The five track available EP (available on bandcamp) is highlighted by the sunken skins of drum that splashes muddy puddles through the room to which strings and vocal play supporting, though integral, roles.

The closing song is Funtitled.

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La Force – Ready To Run – Audio

The Canadian synthwave project of Ariel Engle – La Force – will be releasing the eponymous LP on the 7th of September.

La Force

La Force

A nine track album of entrancing spectral weave which captivates the listener who becomes enveloped in the silken thread as it drifts calmly through the ears in soft dreamy focus.

The LP release is being supported by a trans-continental tour

SEP 4 TUE Ancienne Belgique – Brussels, Belgium
SEP 5 WED L’Olympia – Paris, France
SEP 9 SUN Coliseu De Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal
SEP 19 WED The 27 Club – Ottawa, Canada
SEP 21 FRI Centre Phi – Montréal, Canada
SEP 22 SAT Boquébière – Sherbrooke, Canada
SEP 23 SUN L’anti Bar & Spectacles – Ville De Québec, Canada
OCT 10 WED Mercury Lounge – New York, NY, United States
OCT 12 FRI Ortlieb’s – Philadelphia, PA, United States

The third song on the album is Ready To Run.


La Force – La Force is available on iTunes*.

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Sreym Hctim – Lint Roller – Audio

The US glitch-wave project Sreym Hctim was introduced earlier in the year.

Sreym Hctim - Lint Roller

Sreym Hctim

The newest track to surface, which is from the planned LP and released as a standalone single (available on bandcamp) on the 11th, Lint Roller is of not dissimilar vernacular though with clarinet, played by Elana Riordan,  sprouting through the mix able to take the listener on a diametrically opposed journey to music previously featured.

There is something of a Japanese folk tradition to the tempo and weave of the composition through which Sryem Hctim spears sharpened lances, affording Lint Roller a discombobulating discordance that rattles the vestibular system, rather than being left with a sickening dizzying the listener finds the imbalances an unanticipated comfort.

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The Million Reasons – Dizzy – Single Review

The US blues-rock quartet The Million Reasons released the one track plus one remix single Dizzy on the 14th.

The Million Reasons

The Million Reasons

The original version of Dizzy (available on bandcamp) is a heading towards five and three quarters minutes of finely blended and calmly delivered melodious balmy blues-rock. Meandering through the room in filters of a progressive psychedelic lens The Million Reasons have created a song in to which the listener unhitches from the world around and loses themselves in immersive imaginations of their own with little desire to reconnect once the song has drifted in to silence.

Even the radio friendly cut runs to over four minutes, though inevitably, I do recommend the original over the snipped song.

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L 1 P S – Stubborn – Audio

The US downtempo project L 1 P S released the LP Yellow on the 14th.

L 1 P S - Stubborn

L 1 P S

The six track, roughly twenty one minutes, LP slowly rotates through the room in a floating ball of fuzzy synthesis and instrumentation through which the voice emerges akin to a chrysalis opening to reveal a folded butterfly slowly filling its wings with blood and revealing the array of lustrous colours.

Stubborn is the opening track.

Yellow – EP – L 1 P S is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.