Stupid Cosmonaut – Out of Nothing – Audio

The English spacewave quartet Stupid Cosmonaut revealed the track Out Of Nothing on the 14th.

Stupid Cosmonaut - Out of Nothing

Stupid Cosmonaut

The quartet draw inspiration for their music from the universe, science fact and science fiction to create their visions of a dystopian future.

Out Of Nothing, however, is inspired by something, or rather, someone else and was revealed as a tribute to Steven Hawking, the theoretical physicist, who died on the 14th.

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CWM – Homely Streets – Audio

The English alt-rock band CWM were introduced last year and are currently working towards their forthcoming LP Mate? What!.

CWM - Homely Streets


Their third song to be revealed – Homely Streets – finds CWM in a different corner of the room to their last feature.

The new song has a grungy undertow that smudges as it surfaces from the speakers with the dampened instrumentation laying at a juxtaposition to the snappy drumkit, which affords Homely Streets captivating layers of texture while the expressive vocal delivers an unanticipated melodic tint to the track.

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Nomad Carlos – War Repertoire – Audio

The Jamaican boom bap creator Nomad Carlos will be releasing the LP The Nomad Carlos Project in due course.

Nomad Carlos

Nomad Carlos

Often working with fellow rappers as part of the collective The Council, the first track to surface from the forthcoming album features another collective member, Inztinkz.

War Repertoire is a dark commentary of the daily turmoils in life laid to a captivating, rotating, harmonic and filmesque soundtrack.


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The Turbans – Riders – Audio

The England based world-beat collective The Turbans release their eponymous début LP on the 6th of April.

The Turbans

The Turbans

A collective drawn from wide geo-political spaces, The Turbans have spent many years touring around the world bringing their vision of inclusive nature of music to a global fan-base and the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) is a drawing together of those ideas from the past seven years.

Riders is the opening song.


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Hedge Fund – True Romance – Single Review

The Australian synth-rock outfit Hedge Fund released the single True Romance on the 16th.

Hedge Fund - True Romance

Hedge Fund

Having regularly featured since their introduction in 2015, though not for over a year now, True Romance finds Hedge Fund in more introspective mood than music of theirs previously shared.

The gap in new material and the more sadcore reflection are due to the same reasons. A tumultuous year has seen the death of a father and the breakdown of a marriage for the lead singer Will Colvin, resulting in a lyric that contemplates the loss of the most important people in ones life and the associated frustration, sense of failure and feeling of desperate isolation, yet through the dour thoughts the music is of comforting embrace as the instruments pulse through the speakers as the synth floats listlessly, creating a cathartic moment of sadness.

True Romance – Single – Hedge Fund is available on iTunes.*

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