ARXX – Moments At A Time – Audio

The English new wave duo ARXX released the LP Daughters Of Daughters today.



Minding of the sound of Slaughter And The Dogs mixed with the vexatious contempt of Pauline Murray from Penetration how could I not recommend spending the twenty-five’ish minutes with the six track album (available on bandcamp).

I often hear that music is a dirge because folks are no longer interested in anything outside the easy life to riches landing on their plate – I am always immediately brought back to the reality of my existence of a daily overflowing email inbox of musicians creating new music without the axis of the facile empire of the major labels and trite award shows – to evidence that those of such thought are probably drawing their well of noise consumption from the bland wallpaper paste of ‘radio friendly’ template dross, whilst being completely oblivious to the fact there is a far more important and thriving music mine of creative music around the globe.

My pick of the LP being opener – Moments At A Time.

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Alberteen – The Son’s Room – Single Review

The English synthwave quintet Alberteen released the single The Son’s Room a few hours ago.



Painting the room in wide pastel brushstrokes of electronica, keys, percussion instrumentation and layered vocals the listener finds themselves washed in renaissance modernism as the blurry hues flow through the ears overtaking the pulses of the synapses.

Alberteen are able to deliver, in The Son’s Room, a song of multifarious layers and textures from which the cerebrum is able to simultaneously elicit streaming tears and statuesque visage as the quintet deliver a haunting soundscape in to which the audience melts as though the sixth player in the scenery.


The Son’s Room – Single – Alberteen is available on iTunes.*

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Molino – Forlorn – Video

Word arrives that the alt-rock septet Molino from the Netherlands are working towards the release of a new EP.

Molino - Photo credit - Susana Martins

Molino – Photo credit – Susana Martins

The track Forlorn, from the forthcoming release is of darker electronica than music of theirs which has featured previously with a throbbing bass pulse that shuffles the sub-woofer around the room as it bends the window glass – laying, as it does, against a forlorn vocal – affording the composition a menacing shadow that looms over the the threshold which is heralded by a stereophonic of heralding brass.

I very much look forward to the new EP – about which I am unable to tell you much at this stage, for which I apologise, though will expand upon in due course.

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Iron Angel – Ministry Of Metal – Video

The German heavy-metal quintet Iron Angel release the LP Hellbound on the 4th of May.

Iron Angel

Iron Angel

The first track to surface from the album –  Ministry Of Metal will have you scrabbling for the faded leather jacket festooned in pin-badges as it spirals straight back to the late ’70s early ’80s with material that sounds as bustling with energy and melody as it did back in the day – which perhaps should come as no great surprise as back in 1980 a fresh faced group of musicians from Hamburg (Germany) emerged immersed in the influences of British heavy-metal and despite breaks, changes in both personnel and numbers in the band, appearing between 2000 and 2007 as a duo – the original vocalist – Dirk Schröder – remains to keep reigniting those initial embers and back again as a quintet – Ministry Of Metal demonstrates not only are those embers still glowing they are fully alight and burning fiercely.


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Alice Dudley – Adrift – Video

Alice Dudley is an acoustic-folk creator from the Isle Of Man.

Alice Dudley

Alice Dudley

A selection of three live recorded videos surfaced in the past week, each of slightly different air and all measured by the emotional vocal.

From the selection, my pick of the set and the one I would like to feature to introduce a musician I look forward to hearing much more from – Adrift – is played on the shortest fretboard.

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