Society’s Plague – Rise Of The Eidolon – Video

The US melodic-metal quintet Society’s Plague will be releasing the LP Call To The Void on the 27th.

Society's Plague - Photo Credit - John Payne

Society’s Plague – Photo Credit – John Payne

Society’s Plague create music which is more frequently associated with Scandinavia as the flowing melodies take on a folk-derived soundtrack that minds of sprites and nymphs and the ten track album extends an opportunity for the listener to allow their mind to imaginings of hidden forests, dark lakes and epic tales of fantastical travels.

The closing song on the roughly thirty six minutes LP is Rise Of The Eidolon.


Call to the Void – Society’s Plague is available on iTunes.*

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milkd – Medicinal Love – Audio

Word arrives that the Scottish ambient-rock duo milkd will be releasing an EP in September.

milkd - photo credit - Sophie Sood

milkd – photo credit – Sophie Sood

The first song to arrive from the EP – Medicinal Love – which was released as a stand alone single, available on bandcamp, on the 13th finds milkd referencing back to the gently blended keys, vocal and guitar of their eponymous EP, though with a more wistful footstep as the sparse piano forms a pondering brow.

Following their journey the past approaching ten months has been a pleasure and I look forward to the, as yet, untitled EP.

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Three Feathers – Know It Well – Audio

The New Zealand thermal-groove duo Three Feathers are planning to release their début LP this year.

Three Feathers

Three Feathers

Not a duo in an enormous rush, which suitably matches the songs which drift through the room as though riding an albatross borne on a warm current gliding over the oceans, as it was back in 2013 they formed, however it was not until April of last year that the first song – Make It Good –  was made more widely available and on the 16th the second – Know It Well (both available on bandcamp).

Pull up a comfortable chair, settle back and let yourself be encircled in the soft folds of Three Feathers.


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Nastos – Down Hear – Audio

The US trippy-rock quartet Nastos release the LP Inherited Dreams on the 21st.

Nastos - Inherited Dreams - test pressing

Nastos – Inherited Dreams – test pressing

The ten track album (I believe will be available on bandcamp in due course), which runs for roughly forty minutes, has a lofidelity analogue hum running through its veins which gives the listener the sense they are being welcomed in to a space of good intent and the longer they linger the more settled in to a world of glassy eyed stare and smiling face.

Whilst best digested in full at one sitting, Inherited Dreams is an album which does still work by dipping in and out at opportune moments – though to do may result in unexpectedly finding oneself listening to one of the more rapid songs on the release.

My selection from the LP is the sixth – Down Hear.

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Roots Rising – Crisis – Video

The dancehall undecim Roots Rising from the Netherlands are finalising details of the release of the LP The Root Sessions.

Roots Rising

Roots Rising

Crisis, in a live recording, a commentary on the continuing damage of grinding the poor which is still continually justified by the 1% as necessary yet caused by the financial greed of that same 1% at the start of this decade which resulting in banks collapsing, is the second song to be to be revealed from the album.


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