Liam Kirby – Never – Audio

The US slow-fi creator Liam Kirby released the LP Little Of This Life on the 12th.

Liam Kirby

Liam Kirby

Creating music featuring various instruments from acoustic guitar, via Xylophone, through piano and electronics the commonality is the somnambulist pace that allows the brief snippets of sound to spread copiously around the room.

The third of the nine tracks on Little Of This Life (available on bandcamp) is Never.

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наадя (Naadia) – никогда (Never) – Audio

The Russian dream-wave band наадя (Naadia) released the three track single хорошо (Good) yesterday.

наадя (Naadia) - никогда (Never)


The closing track никогда (Never), epitomises all that is enjoyable about наадя (Naadia) as the just under three and a three quarters of music drifts around the room. Like a silversmith tempering the metal into shape, so, the longer the piece plays the formations become smoother, more lustrous and flowing.

Хорошо – Single – Наадя is available on iTunes.*

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