The Hertz Complex

The Hertz Complex is an alt-rock band based in London (England), comprising Chris Keelan (Bass), Neil O’Keeffe (Vocals / Guitar), Paul Keane (Lead Guitar / Vocals) and Benjamin Balan (Drums).

The Hertz Complex - alt-rock from England

The Hertz Complex

Combining musicians from Eire and Canada ending up in Deptford in South London may sound like an unlikely tale, but therein sits The Hertz Complex. Juxtapositions of clarity and haziness flow through the material which reverberates through the room and for some bizarre reason I am craving liquorice as the warming, though slightly bitter-sweet sounds spin around my head.

The Hertz Complex have the ability to compose songs which immediately inject themselves into the veins as the lower registers rattle the blood cells whilst a dreamy flow of guitar and vocal drift the brain away in a world of its own. The quartet deliver sounds which drift slowly through the mind in a dream sequence as the lo-fi fuzz is combined with a slow progression of notes, that allows the mind to dwell on each component and enjoy it to its full.

An inauspicious – forwarded email – was my introduction and as with all forwarded emails I was somewhat ill-disposed on opening it, but I am delighted I did as the music contained within was a pure delight and the forthcoming début EP A New Habit which appears on the 14th July, that I have had the pleasure to hear, is a cracker.


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