Wild Forest – Riddle – Single Review

The Denmark based drifting-rock quintet Wild Forest released the single Riddle a few hours ago.

Wild Forest - Riddle - artwork

Wild Forest – Riddle – artwork

Those of longer stay may well recognise Ned Gale who is a member of the quintet, along with his sister Marie Antonie who plays drums, combined with Rasmus Møller,
Frederik Hvenegaard and Lasse Solevad in Wild Forest – the sounds take on a wispier and more expansive sentiment.

The just over six minute composition (available on bandcamp) drifts around the room in layers of synths and instrumentation which offer the listener a soft pillow on which to lay their head and unwind, allowing their minds to flow in to thoughts of fantastical imagination, as the unhurried piece rests upon the ears.

With a trio of singles behind them, my hope is that in short order Wild Forest will package a collection of songs together in an LP as the output is best enjoyed in extended play.

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Ned Gale – Hometown – Video

The Icelandic melodic-rocker Ned Gale released the single Hometown on the 25th.

Ned Gale

Ned Gale

With self-evident reference point of Dire Straits – Hometown (available on bandcamp) doesn’t dwell in the past rather provide a continuum of the ever evolving cycle of music where to pull on the past can still make for material of currency and in another forty years so one will be minded of Ned Gale as a circumlocution of influence with the same rushed and awkward lyrics trying to cram themselves into spaces that don’t exist.

If you don’t fully recall Sultans of Swing in what is now an iconic reference track with its broken stanzas and over reaching lyrics do take another listen before you criticise Ned for doing exactly the same thing in his début release and given time will be as smoothly able to transition the contrasts.


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