Nature Channel – Rabbit Starvation – Video

The English garage-rock trio Nature Channel were introduced earlier this year.

Nature Channel - Rabbit Starvation

Nature Channel

From the LP Nature Sounds, Rabbit Starvation, the last of the dozen tracks is just under two and a half minutes of burring fuzziness that whistles around the room gathering up everything in its path and hurtles it into the air in a good natured embrace like a puppy falling over in greeting and the listener can’t but help to get caught in the moment.

After calm restores itself to the room the audience finds themselves wreathed in smiles at the whirlwind of joyous playfulness that is Rabbit Starvation.

Nature Channel have the knack of making even the worst days seem lighter and Nature Sounds, is well worth adding to the pick-me-up playlist.

Nature Sounds – Nature Channel is available on iTunes.*

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Nature Channel

Bustling out of Brighton in England is the garage rock trio of Tom Denney (Guitar / Vocals), Luke Hefson (Bass / Vocals) and Jim Morrison (Drums) who form Nature Channel.

Nature Channel - garage rock from England

Nature Channel

It is when the likes of Nature Channel arrive in my inbox, that life as a music reviewer becomes an absolute delight. Turn up the speakers, scatter the furniture and dance in a frenzy of thrashing limbs. Whilst the music is rumbustious and care-free, don’t take that to mean it is ill-conceived. These are a trio of experienced musicians, who got together in 2013 to throw off the harnesses, which they have successfully, however these are considered compositions, not random chords plucked on the fly.

A barrage of percussion splinters through the room, to which a booming bass adds depth of flavour, as the six stringer is kept in toe in rapidly paced tempo with the mixed voices forming part of the out-put not a focus for specific attention, though that is perhaps just me, as you know once I can hear the bass, I am happy.

Now is perhaps a good time to get to know Nature Channel as they begin their journey and the début LP – Nature Sounds (available on bandcamp) is a fine place to start.

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