Hartyga – My Kargyraa – Video

The Russian alt-rock band Hartyga will be releasing the LP Amyrsanaa on the 11th of September. Those in Kyzyl can, in advance, purchase physicals versions from the Tuvan Cultural Centre at 7 Lenin Street.

Hartyga - My Kargyraa


The final track on the album My Kargyraa was recently performed as a live version at the Sziget 2018 festival in Hungary earlier this month, this being approximately a minute shorter than the studio version on the LP.

Longer stay readers may have forgotten the band name Hartyga as it was back in 2016 they last featured – though will be likely to immediately recollect the traditional Tuvan throat singing of Nachyn Choreve.

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Хартыга (Hartyga)

Хартыга – (Hartyga) is the alt-rock quintet of Nachyn Choreve (Vocal / Igil /Doshpuluur), Sergek Sandyk (Saxophone), Angyr – ool Ondar (Bass), Nayys Dulush (Drums) and almost permanent guest member Albert Kuvezin (Vocal / Guitar) from Kyzyl in Russia.

Хартыга - (Hartyga) - alt-rock from Russia

Хартыга – (Hartyga)

Surfacing from the distinctive Russian landscape of The Republic of Tuva which is nestled between Southern Siberia and The Altai – Хартыга deliver music which resounds both of the wide open spaces of The Steppes and the high mountain faces to the South as they combine, traditional plucked and bowed instrumentation, with wind and classic rock electric kit with a vocal once heard never to be forgotten that scratches itches in the eardrums the tympanic membrane didn’t know were inflamed.

Sometimes psychedelic, sometimes jazzy, sometimes the essence of rock’n’roll the quintet are a band that needs to be on every playlist anywhere in the world even if only to pull out when you fancy a whisky to rasp a sore throat.

Having had the opportunity to wander through many of the tracks they have released since their inception it is with some pleasure that I introduce Хартыга and from their latest LP Агитатор (Agitator) – a live version of the penultimate of the nine tracks – Борбак (Borbak). Do anticipate to be discovering more of the quintet (though officially a quartet with a semi-permanent guest player) over the coming years on Emerging Indie Bands.


Agitator (feat. Albert Kuvezin) – Hartyga is available on iTunes.*

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