Myohwar – Floodsong – Single Review

The Australian psychedelic-glitch project Myohwar of Jordan Roth releases the single Floodsong on the 30th.



The only demand made of the listener is to trip the lights and close eyes allowing themselves to be enveloped in the just over seven minute track.

Opening with a cacophony of ideas Floodsong evolves quickly into a racing heartbeat of electro-drum key and whilst this spirals ever faster – kaleidoscopic wefts of synthesis drift in to earshot which gradually harness the synapses and everything settles to a mesmeric colourful palate of strung drum skins and bleeding guitar leaving the listener in a convolution of palpitating pulse and dreamily rolling REM eyelid.

Myohwar is able to contextualise polar opposite extremes, yet fuse in to Floodsong a sentient being in which the listener can take comfort.

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