New Year Ninety 2017 – 90 to 81

I wish you all the best for 2017.

The annual Readers Choice for the New Year Ninety Band Chart countdown starts now…

Betty Pulls A Fast One - New Year Ninety 2017

Betty Pulls A Fast One

90. Joe Probert (England)

Shake This Fate is available on Amazon.*

89. The Lower Echelon (USA)

Come To The Loud is available on bandcamp.

88. The Amazing Devil (England)

Love Run is available on bandcamp.

87. Blind Beggar (Wales)

86. Betty Pulls A Fast One (England)

85. The Echo Session (Scotland)

Tell Me is available on bandcamp.

84. Sloes (England)

Chasing Tails is available on Amazon.*

83. Amy’s Arms (Canada)

My Dear Violet is available on bandcamp

82. Hitherside (based in Belgium)

81. Javier Martinez (USA)

Honesty is available on bandcamp.

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Amy’s Arms – Death (No Longer Matters) – Audio

It is a couple of years since the Canadian goth sextet Amy’s Arms last featured.

Amy's Arms - Death (No Longer Matters)

Amy’s Arms

Thanks once again to Dylan Madeley who from time to time sends me notifications of things I shouldn’t have missed from Canada, you can do that too by dropping an email to tim @ of bands you would like to see featured.

On the 30th of last month Amy’s Arms surfaced with their latest LP – the dozen track – just over fifty minutes of darkness that is My Dear Violet (available on bandcamp). This is a release in which to invest time as the gloomy clouds descend into the room, lifted by sparkles of indoor fireworks of vocal which shine like a comet spiralling across the ceiling.

Why it has taken me two years to come back to the sextet I have no idea, as, whilst only featuring one track from the LP, the ninth – Death (No Longer Matters), I am already on my third play through of the album.  Amy’s Arms are able to bewitch the listener with their luxurious weaves of sound and the selected track from the release, discovers them in a moment at their most beguiling as the composition delivers opening harmonies of flats which create an intensity of atmosphere and as Death (No Longer Matters) progresses, so it slips between Majors and Minors with either electronics or strings playing devils advocate.

Why Amy’s Arms are not far better known is as a mysterious conundrum as their music.