The Sunshine Spectacular – Family Fires – Audio

From Tasmania – The Sunshine Spectacular have a new single through the Norwegian label Cafe Superstar set for release on the 1st December.

The Sunshine Spectacular

The Sunshine Spectacular

Somehow the release of Family Fires seems so right for me to ask you to consider as it joins up polar opposite ends of the earth with the Tasmanian collaboration of The Sunshine Spectacular drawing the Norway based vocalist Elisabeth of Musique Le Pop, in the background.

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Musique Le Pop

Musique Le Pop from Fredrikstad in Norway is the electro-indie trio of Christoffer Schou, Jon Kristian Furuheim and Elisabeth Thorsen.

Musique Le Pop - electro-indie from Norway

Musique Le Pop

Underneath the shiny veneer Musique Le Pop have a heart and soul and there is nothing wrong with making music that is on first glance is so light on it’s feet that it makes helium filled balloons seem heavy, as long as you do it with credence and for all its ease, there is integrity within the sounds. Within the lightness are barbs as the trio combine synthetics, drum machines, vocal and guitar to deliver rainbow coloured textures of music.

Straddling a difficult precipice Musique Le Pop on the one hand remind of ‘Disco’ whilst simultaneously of synth-wave and they handle the balance well with the darker hues whirring inside the glitter. Whether it is a style that will resonate with fans of either is more difficult to judge, but I raise my hat to them for working with it.

I personally gained much from their five track début EP l’été which was released yesterday as the tracks stray from the beach dance party to a Gauloises smoke filled Café on the South Bank of the Seine.


l’été EP – EP – Musique Le Pop is available on iTunes*

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