Pattern – Dissonance – Audio

The US electro-folk project Pattern released the single Dissonance on the 20th.



Underpinning the sorrowful narrative of relationship break down through missed opportunities of conversation threads a munificence of synth and guitar which percolates through the room like a wavering candle lighting the way out of a tunnel towards a brighter future and more meaningful mutual appreciation – in a tad under three and a quarter minutes release which is available on bandcamp.


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Robyn Cage – Slow the Devil – Video

The US sultry-wave creator Robyn Cage is due to release the LP Slow The Devil later in the year.

Robyn Cage - Photo credit - @carlaboecklin

Robyn Cage – Photo credit – @carlaboecklin

The haunting title track steals its way in to the bone marrow and the listeners find themselves engrossed in the composition, loosing all sense of the outside world as the magnetic vocal, surrounded by hypnotic electronica, floats through the room asking for people to have more consideration of others rather than snapping to instant volatile reaction.


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Patrick Byrnes – Closer – Audio

Patrick Byrnes is a US lofi creator.

Patrick Byrnes

Patrick Byrnes

A relatively new project continually revealing music of different structure and influence encased in echoing guitar, which provides the focus of attention.

By way of an introduction – Closer – which has a dreamy presence with its hypnotically delayed refrains that slowly drift through the room leaving behind a hazy layering of that lingers in the ears.

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Dendera Bloodbath – Bardo 3 – Single Review

Dendera Bloodbath is an industrial-electronica project from the USA.

Dendera Bloodbath

Dendera Bloodbath

Put all your preconceptions of musical construct back in the draw prior to hitting play as Verge Bliss takes you on a ride.

If you ever were wondering what it may feel and sound like to have your head chainsawed from your neck with a blunt blade – look no further than Bardo 3 as the buzzing analogue fills the ears with blood – merely turn the volume louder and bury your head in to the speakers to fully relish the experience as scratching claws intersperse the screaming saw whilst the sparse vocal incantation slithers through the room.

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Charlie Mess – Rhyme – Audio

The US angst-rock creator Charlie Mess was introduced last year.

Charlie Mess - Double Space - artwork

Charlie Mess – Double Space – artwork

With quite different paint brushes the newest LP to surface, which came out earlier this month and available on bandcamp, Double Space is a roughly thirty eight minutes nine track album that minds me of the works of Edvard Munch as the painful realities of life scream through the room akin to descriptors of eviscerating wounds to the mind.

For those who like their music of gentle waves, probably not only is the wrong site to be engaged, but also a release to swerve in wide arc. For those of us who like music of raw honesty – set aside the time and turn everything up to full volume and allow the distortion to wreak havoc with the senses.

My pick of the release being the second track – Rhyme.

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