River – Baby Love – Video

The US shimmerwave project River released The California EP on the 15th.



A hazy retrospective flow of music threads through the speakers, tempting the listener to tarry in the rays of sunshine just a while longer – an invitation that doesn’t need to be repeated.

The approximately twenty one minutes of the five track EP are layered in slowly unfurling analogue effects which gives the songs their alluring air, each of which is of fine standing and although I am unable to share with you my pick of the collection – the penultimate Me And California –  either one of the two I am permitted – serve as a fair introduction to the release – the melancholic drift of Baby Love being the second track on The California EP.


The California EP – River is available on iTunes.*

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Martin Del Carpio – November (Black Rose) – Video

The US sadcore creator Martin Del Carpio is working on the details for a new LP.

Martin Del Carpio - photo by @murraybrooklyn

Martin Del Carpio – photo by @murraybrooklyn

Regularly crafting music, always of sad countenance, the most recent song to surface November (Black Rose) is made more sorrowful with the melancholic notes of piano leading a composition that was inspired by the death of their mother.

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Less Than – Selfish Gene – Single Review

Less Than is a Scotland / USA based alt-rock duo.

Less Than

Less Than

Their début single, Selfish Gene, was revealed last week – and what a joy it is to discover.

The grumbling, groaning bass and percussion threaten to cause their own mid-atlantic tsunami as they rumble through the speakers, to be joined by a disarticulated vocal that carries in and out of earshot as though dispersing on the wind while the scissoring guitar snaps through the ears akin to an irritated wasp – all the listener is required to do is turn up the volume and allow the washes of vocal and bustles of instrumentation in Selfish Gene to make their own way around the room.

I am already bemoaning there is only one track – so I am off to play it once again – while looking forward to new songs.

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Selfish Gene – Less Than is available on iTunes.*

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Gogo Luck – If I Slipped Your Mind – Audio

Gogo Luck is a US lofi-emo creator.

Gogo Luck

Gogo Luck

This is another one of those features which starts with an apology to one and all as it was back in 2016 that I received an email of introduction, which I have only just got to reading an occurence I fully regret having been the case as Gogo Luck is a  prodigious creator of music and many marvellous tracks have slipped under the bridge – a catalogue with which it is well worth getting to grips – and I look forward to featuring with frequency in the future.

Perhaps appropriately the most recent track to surface is entitled If I Slipped Your Mind – given the lengthy delay in actually putting fingers to keyboard.

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Nights – Gone – Single Review

The US alt-rock project Nights released the single Gone on the 8th.

Nights - Gone


Introduced in January with the single HollowGone is of more feisty nature with its rock underpinning that surrounds the disarming vocal in a three and almost three quarters minutes of music which belies that this is a newish project, from a musician I was keen to hear more from on the back of just one song in January – even more so the case now and with fortune there will be an LP or EP surfacing sooner rather than later.

As I discover more news, I will aim to keep you appraised.

Gone – NIGHTS is available on iTunes.*

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