Justin Yates – Change – Audio

The US acoustic-folk creator Justin Yates released the LP Friend on the 13th.

Justin Yates

Justin Yates

The seven track album, available on bandcamp, alternates between instrumental and vocal giving a wistful pondering countenance to the roughly twenty minutes release.

An unexpected voice, which has a boy-band timbre, marries comfortably with the intricacies of guitar with my pick of the release being the antepenultimate song – Change.


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Safecamp – Silence Is Golden – Audio

Safecamp is a US slacker project.



Last month I was informed of a new LP coming out early this, however, once again I managed to miss the email altogether, for which I apologise along with the late article – the album From A Certain Point Of View (available on bandcamp) having come out early last week.

A pot mixed with handfuls of improbable ingredients that includes, amongst others, spindly angular maths and emo fused progressive psychedelia to make for a tasty repast of trippy imagineering with the listener able to draw in their minds eye – robotics on gentle psychotropics.

The becalming thread of roughly fifty minutes of the twelve songs, each of slightly different dynamic, merely asks of the audience to free their mind to fully experience – Silence Is Golden is the antepenultimate track.

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Aaron James – Kauri Wood – Video

The US alt-folk musician Aaron James will be releasing the EP Hibernate on the 7th of September.

Aaron James - Kauri Wood

Aaron James

Standing as a bridge from previous material which was drawn from the frisson of new experiences and the forthcoming EP which is a reflective narrative of those now lived events – the single Kauri Wood – which drifts through the room in combinations of acoustic guitar and electronic effects.

Kauri Wood – Single – Aaron James is available on iTunes.*

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Emily Brown – Unseen Girl – Audio

The US alt-folk musician Emily Brown will be releasing the LP Bee Eater on the 31st.

Emily Brown - photo credit - Trevor Christensen Photography

Emily Brown – photo credit – Trevor Christensen Photography

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) of varied though predominately acoustic led instrumentation which enables Emily Brown to showcase a capable vocal that is able to shape itself in to many styles with its wide dynamic and frequency range, giving the music an ever changing mood that alights upon the listener, from the aloof, via the theatrical to tender ballad.

My pick of the release inevitably being atypical of Bee Eater –  the plugged-in, uptempo and most rock’n’rolly of the album – the sixth – Unseen Girl.

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Haydn Rothrock – Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks) – Single Review

The US fuzzy-rock project Haydn Rothrock revealed the newest track – Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks) – on the 11th.

Haydn Rothrock - Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks)

Haydn Rothrock

Of different texturing to the music of introduction the new single features guitar strings so loose they distort themselves in their own bounce, which immediately slows down the pace and dynamic range resultingly affording the composition a grungy pout that can’t but endear the song to the listener as it slouches through the room akin to a teenage sulk.

I look forward to hearing more by Haydn Rothrock in short order as the music delivers its miserable disposition towards the world which is simultaneously able to firmly have its tongue in cheek almost as a self-parody without it becoming a farce and generating songs that bear immediate replay to find other eddies of ideas missed first time around.

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