Denim Gorgeous – Feed On The Lonely – Audio

The US sad-folk project Denim Gorgeous will be releasing the EP Songs From The Shelf next month.

Denim Gorgeous

Denim Gorgeous

Songs From The Shelf is the follow up to last years equally melancholic Whats Salt Worth with a couple of songs so far appearing – the most recent of which is Feed On The Lonely.

A aching pull of the sparse guitar sets up the hushed vocal to create a two and three quarters minutes of desolate beauty to encircle the ears.

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DD Verni – Fire Up – Video

The US rocker DD Verni will be releasing the LP Barricade on the 13th of October.

DD Verni

DD Verni

Better known as the bassist of the band OverkillBarricade is the début solo album for DD Verni and features a slew of guest musicians.

The first song to surface is the crisp as a fresh lettuce leaf –  Fire Up.


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She Killed In Ecstasy – Low & Bitter – Single Review

The US ambient-wave project, from the USA, She Killed In Ecstasy fairly regularly features on the site, the newest track – Low & Bitter – came out a few hours ago.

She Killed In Ecstasy - Low & Bitter

She Killed In Ecstasy

Low & Bitter is of different counterpane than music previously featured with the glitchy sawing of the electronica, which had been a core element, completely disappearing to be replaced by a soft sanding and thereby creating a hum of immersive ambience which eases in to the mind and slows the sparking of the synapses, inviting the listener to settle back and slough away the bustle of the day.

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N DOT C – Permission – Audio

It was at the tail end of 2016 that the US acerbic hip-hop creator N DOT C last featured.

N DOT C - Permission


The newest song to surface – Permission – takes a look at the structures of the ‘9 to 5’ and how it fits in to fulfilling ones own life goals whilst pondering how to strike a meaningful balance as opposed to merely meeting the demands of others to enable them to achieve theirs.

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Tancred – Reviews – Audio

The US alt-rock project Tancred releases the LP Nightstand on the 1st of June.

Tancred - Reviews


It has been over two years since Tancred last featured though on hitting play the distinctive vocal is immediately recognisable whilst the the overall sound itself feels fuller with a humming electronica laying a soft carpet for the music.

The first track to surface of the eleven on the LP, which is available on bandcamp, is the penultimate – Reviews.

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