Sophomore – Ghost Rider – Single Review

The Swedish triphop project Sophomore released the  track Ghost Rider yesterday.

Sophomore - triphop


The mesmeric music metamorphoses the mind in its meandering, mellow, mystical, modulating moderation.

An approaching five minutes track of beguiling downtempo ambient electronica from which the listener has no desire to escape its tranquillising hypnosis – marks another welcome return to Sophomore, an infrequently featured musical project on the site.

As regular readers know, I always use an audio embed where possible, as the quality of sound is far better, though on this occasion I offer both the audio and the video, with the video, that includes police radio communication being a self-explanation of the track title – no one dies, no shots are fired, there are no injuries in fact nothing unexpected happens at all – until the very end, where how the video ties completely with the song title is revealed.

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Anna & The Sea – Like A Mother – Audio

The Swedish variomatic project Anna & The Sea released the EP Out Of The Blue on the 29th of June.

Anna & The Sea

Anna & The Sea

The twenty-oneish minutes, five track, EP (available on bandcamp) glides seamlessly and apparently effortlessly though the room in melting compositions with a poise that belies the frenetic activity under the surface as the intricate compositions build their layers of silky texturing which hold the listener in gentle embrace.

Like A Mother, the second song on Out Of The Blue is my pick of the release.

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Paperwing – Firewall- Single Review

The Swedish sadcore project of Jenny SoovikPaperwing – released the single Firewall today.



The silken composition of fragile membrane slowly takes shape as combinations of electronica, instrumentation and vocal weave through each other forming ever more taught pockets of thought in a track that reflects on the building barriers of personal protection in the face of a world of ever greater factionalism resulting in isolated silos afeared of one another.

Yet, through the sadness lays a tentative glimmer of connection and a cohesion with a stretched out arm of reach inviting the listener to grasp the wrist and start to create extended bonds with one another.


Firewall – Single – Paperwing is available on iTunes.*

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Cajsa Siik – Crooked Moon – Audio

The Swedish solemnwave project Cajsa Siik will be releasing the EP Low Light Key Sessions on the 8th of June.

Cajsa Siik - Photo and artwork by Elinor Wermeling

Cajsa Siik – Photo and artwork by Elinor Wermeling

The first track to surface from the EP – Crooked Moon, which came out today as a standalone single, fills the room with a mesmeric hypnosis of melancholic drifting shadow as piano and vocal slowly thread through one another.

Crooked Moon – Single – Cajsa Siik is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

david shouji – Memory Lane Drift – Audio

On the 28th of April the downtempo LP in half by the Swedish musician david shouji was released.

david shouji - Memory Lane Drift

david shouji

A half a dozen track album,  available on bandcamp, of instrumentation, voice and electronica that is drawn from a personal introspective, even adding recollected samples from early material, which doesn’t however leave the listener out in the cold as the ambient flow of unflustered frequencies envelopes the room in a meditative calmness extending an invitation for the audience to contemplate their own narrative.

Memory Lane Drift is the closing song.

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