Dark Voice Of Angelique – Fire Warning – Audio

For regular readers of the site the dark-dystopia of the Russian project Dark Voice Of Angelique will be familiar. Yesterday the latest LP – Winter Mind Game – was released.

Dark Voice Of Angelique - Fire Warning
Dark Voice Of Angelique

Approximately fifty minutes of spine chilling electronica, organs, percussion and vocal spirit through the room over the nine tracks on the album (which is available on bandcamp).

The release is best enjoyed whilst tethered naked by ankles, wrists and neck, inside a cage within a dripping, condemned mine shaft with flickering candles casting ominous shadows across the limited field of vision.

My pick of the releasing being the just over seven and a half minutes of the sixth track – Fire Warning.

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BountyTweex – Say – Audio

The Russian dreamwave outfit BountyTweex released the LP Ignition on the 12th.

BountyTweex - Ignition - original artwork

BountyTweex – Ignition – original artwork

Originally scheduled for release last year, new tracks were added and the release delayed, to reflect of the slightly different overall soundscape of the LP the original artwork (shown above) which made strong reference to the influence of Japanese culture was changed to the one below (in music embed) which makes greater emphasis of the dreamy soundscape of the overall scope of Ignition, though still drawing from the initial well of thought.

My selection of the nine track album is the seventh – Say.

Ignition – Bountytweex is available on iTunes.*

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The Paraffins – RUSSIA! – Audio

The Scottish scathing-electronica project The Paraffins released the single RUSSIA! on the 4th.

The Paraffins

The Paraffins

Their first and only feature was back in 2010 – which is less to do with my tardy administration this time around, rather the scarcity of new material.

It was therefore of some delight to discover The Paraffins surfaced with some thoughts on this whole Russia! is responsible for everything that is wrong in the world –  in a one track plus one remix single (available on bandcamp) which metronomically beats out the repetitive mantra of local bureaucrats and longer stay readers who will be aware of my anarchist leanings will not be surprised to discover I recommend adding RUSSIA! to the essential songs playlist.

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Dark Voice Of Angelique – They – Audio

The Russian drone project Dark Voice Of Angelique released the LP Noire on the 14th.

Dark Voice Of Angelique - They

Dark Voice Of Angelique

Noire (available on bandcamp) whilst still of dark cloud, is of less dystopian menace than music previously featured.

The nine tracks are less compacted and resultingly afford for the listener to more readily explore the melodies and nuances of the roughly fifty six minutes album as the multifarious layering of electronica, synthesised instruments and vocal flows through the room.

The fourth composition and my pick of the release is the just over six minutes – They.

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Женя Куковеров (Zhenya Kukoverov) – В саду (In The Garden) – Audio

 Женя Куковеров (Zhenya Kukoverov) is a Russian trippy-lofi project.

Женя Куковеров - (Zhenya Kukoverov)

Женя Куковеров – (Zhenya Kukoverov)

The latest LP to be released – Тайный Оптимист (Secret Optimist) – available on bandcamp – is a fourteen track, roughly one hour and four minutes, journey in which the audience senses they themselves are in danger of becoming the Mad Hatter.

While individual songs, typically running to over four minutes each, are not individually overladen with psychotropics it is the accumulation of the collection of quiet hallucinogen which leaves the mind forming its own fantastical parallel existence.

The fifth song is В саду (In The Garden).

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