Lethe – The First Corpse On The Moon – Video

The Switzerland, Norway split hypnotic-electro-rock duo Lethe release the LP The First Corpse On The Moon on the 24th of February.



Settle back in a comfortable spot and allow your mind to wander while listening to the title track and sixth of the ten on the approximately fifty six minutes album.

The hypnotic blends of instrumentation and electronics hypnotise the mind as the duo of voices slow down the synapses whilst the listeners limbs ease into a weightless and relaxing catatonic state. Once agility has slowly returned to the physical being, sensory functionality remains pleasingly softened.

The CD is available directly from My Kingdom Music.

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Jenny’s Vision Project – We Are Not Alone – Audio

Jenny’s Vision Project is the project name of the Norwegian collaborative ethereal synth producer Kristianzhe.

Jenny's Vision Project

Jenny’s Vision Project

Revealed on the 27th of December was the latest track – We Are Not Alone – featuring Tara Louise, a dreamy three and a half minute song which elegantly saunters its way through the speakers prior to filling the room in becalming clouds of electronic hush, from which an entrancing vocal cradles the cranium in gentle curvatures of melodies.


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