Jas Josland – Lie To Yourself – Single Review

The New Zealand rocker Jas Josland released the single Lie To Yourself today.

Jas Josland

Jas Josland

Lie To Yourself is steeped in classic rock’n’roll in a song that swirls through the room with a flourish as the energetic composition launches the listener on to the dance floor to shake with the pumping percussion / bass combinations as the guitar prowls like a stalking panther whilst the vocal threads from a growling menace to intricate melodic sections.

A talented musician who, deservedly, has already had the opportunity to play internationally and Lie To Yourself can’t but help to build on a growing reputation for being able to create and deliver good time rock and in a world of many divisions, shining a positive light is extremely welcome.


Lie to Yourself – Single – Jas Josland is available on iTunes.*

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Re:Gretabull – Strangers – Single Review

The New Zealand alt-folk creator Re:Gretabull releases the single Strangers on the 5th of May.



For those who already know Greta Bull-Crossan from previous releases you will find a very different soundscape from previous material as Strangers compacts the open fret-work to deliver a more synth laden track.

For those who don’t know Re:Gretabull of pivotal point in the music is a singular voice which is able to wrest emotional context, without ever becoming saccharine, from the driest moment with a luscious softness to the vocal no matter where it is in pitch, enabling the compositions to unerringly extend across keys, both minor, major and octaves, leaving the listener in rapt attention.

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