Dream Map – Time – Single Review

The Hungarian, Netherlands ambient-electronica duo Dream Map released the single Time on the 13th.

Dream Map

Dream Map

Having got together towards the end of last year Dream Map only have two tracks around, both belie the short time they have been together with the well structured and judged compositions transfixing the audience with their unruffled flowing elegance.

The most recent being the just under four and a quarter minutes of Time. A luxurious pillow of radiating electronica heralds the entrance of the absorbing vocal and fills the room with gently undulating washes of colour in to which the listener finds themselves merging as one in with the misty, dreamy soundtrack.


Time – Single – Dream Map is available on iTunes.*

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Ákos Mándoki – Cryo Chamber Funk – Audio

The Hungarian nu-funkadelic creator Ákos Mándoki releases the EP Cathode Ray Cruiser on the 30th.

Ákos Mándoki - Cathode Ray Cruiser - artwork

Ákos Mándoki – Cathode Ray Cruiser – artwork

Unless your speakers are having a knee tremble all on their own with bass notes bruising the sub-woofers as you feel the pulses of sound physically brushing your hair then I merely suggest start again with settings more appropriately aligned. Without it you will not be thrusting your hip bone to crunch against your shoulder-blade and thereby you will be missing the whole experience of the contortions of Ákos Mándoki.

The complete four track, roughly sixteen minutes, EP is available on bandcamp and my pick of the release is the penultimate – Cryo Chamber Funk.

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