SoundTimeMirror – Bo$$ Th0ts – Single Review

SoundTimeMirror is an Hawaiian stylee project.

SoundTime Mirror

SoundTime Mirror

Most recently to surface is the undulating movement of the hip-hop reggae fused track Bo$$ Th0ts which whispers through the room as though carried on a rustling breeze whilst the mind and body finds themselves unerringly, too, gently swaying in the breezy calmness of the composition which has from deep within its rotation an earthy presence which manifests itself whilst seeping far in to the limbic system and catching all unaware, though delighted it did, even if despite themselves – as they hit ‘play again’ just to keep the good sounds going whilst – “a movin’ an’ a groovin'” in syncopation.

There is a commensurate underlying sadness, even despite the macho rebuttal of a bruised ego, which flows through the song, for those who follow the site – with this, a fellow, lamenting of a world of shot connections, whilst just today – two ladies have featured with reflection of how it is the male of the species who calls the shots – somewhere – there must be a point of connection betwixt the two and not too difficult to discover were folks only to stop living in silos of stark division and accept each other for who they are, not a template of what is to be expected.

I find as a music reviewer I feature ladies, gentlemen, non-identified, transsexuals and more – all of whom have as a commonality, music – that one strand of actually – ‘I really don’t despise you either’ and we can, really, all get along despite colour, creed or sexual identity etc. – if only we just stop playing games structured by others – there is a better world open to all – and just today in three articles that stark division of template methodology has worn its crown whilst each crying out for genuine connection and respect for one another.

I have always believed that music has much to offer and within twenty four hours from different landmasses and continents that has been identified too.

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