Flexagon – The Gift – Single Review

Flexagon the ambientwave project from Guernsey released the single The Gift on the 4th.

Flexagon - The Gift

As always, the music, reflects of a spacious and mind-boggling universe enticing the listener in to its cavernous spaces to explore the fractals of expanding electronica.

The Gift (available on bandcamp) refers to a musical instrument – a toombi – which was won in a raffle and gifted to Flexagon.

With no previous experience of the one stringed instrument, Flexagon, has taken the unusual option of using a bow to deliver a track in which the distinctive string can be readily identified, muted though it is under the rich tapestry of hypnotic synthesis, to create a just over eight minutes composition which holds the listener transfixed.

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Flexagon – Bordeaux 7am – Audio

The Guernésiain downtempo project Flexagon released the single Bordeaux 7am on the 12th.

Flexagon - Bordeaux 7am


Always a pleasure to return to, Flexagon, is able to sculpt compositions in to mesmeric shapes which take on unanticipated hues with each song being inspired by very different experiences.

Bordeaux 7am (available on bandcamp) came about by walking around Guernsey at quiet hours with only the sounds of the sea playing through the muffle of mist as the aural inspiration, revealing an ambient and lightly textured tidal-drone.

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Flexagon – Numbers – Single Review

Flexagon, the electroweave project from Guernsey introduced earlier in the year, released the single Numbers on the 13th.

Flexagon - Numbers


The latest reveal is the tad over nine minutes of Numbers (available on bandcamp) which slurries through the room in a mix of bits and bytes which penetrate randomly through the wash of colours in the synthesised instrumentation, delivering a soundtrack of variegated texture through which a disarticulated vocal surfaces and recedes as it enunciates numbers, in a track which is an interpretation of a shortwave radio coded broadcast.

Those of longer stay will also recall the US creator Ⓩⓔⓔⓚⓞ in which Numbers Radio Broadcast was also a feature of the sound.

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Flexagon – Pause – Audio

Flexagon is Guernésiais melting-candle creator.

Flexagon - photo credit - Hanna Visuals

Flexagon – photo credit – Hanna Visuals

Droplets of multicoloured warm wax drip from the speakers on hitting play with the latest track to surface Pause (available on bandcamp) pooling across the room akin to wandering in to a calcite cave of falling stalactites and rising stalagmites leaving the listener engrossed in the developing hues and textures.


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